Tornado Burger Review

Located South West of Houston just outside of Sugarland.
Of course when I walked into Tornado Burger, all of the guys in there were walking like they just got off a horse. Polo shirts and all, yet trying to walk like a cowboy. You know? The “I am a cowboy” mosey kind of walk where when they walk up to the counter they pull the front of their belt upward as if to say “Woah little horsey”. Then the little teeter they do at the end to show you they are top heavy and tired from wrangling horses all day.
I sure hope you get what that all means. I seem to notice it a lot in barbecue and burger places that are located in suburban cowboy country.
Has to be the atmosphere in there. Nice countryish feeling. Metal walls and simple tables and simple seats.
Then here I come trying my best not to be that guy, I walk up to the counter and ask “Is your spicy burger spicy? ” well the dude rolled his eyes and the room looked at me and shook their polo shirt pocket protector wearing heads as if “yer not a real man you didn’t mosey, and nothing is too spicy” which of course I wanted to know what I was in for and so I could give this review a note based on what was said as to what I got.
Well the cashier said “Pst shaw, not too spicy”.

Tried their Spicy double meat and cheese burger. Added bacon, of course.
Fries arrives in a 16 ounce Styrofoam cup. Seasoned and still had their peelings on them. Just like I like my french fries.
This was a real cheeseburger, not too spicy. A touch on the greasy side. Not enough to run down your arm or anything, but enough to let you know that the meat is real meat and this is going to be a great burger.and it was. The meat was actually real meat that fresh. Not the mush stuff you get from most other burger places.

I would gladly go back again. Just need to figure out a way to say “hey cowboy where’d you park your Porsche?” to everyone I saw walking weird in there.

Tornado Burger Review Score
feel = 8/10
taste = 9/10
smell = 7/10
texture = 8/10

Score = 8/10

Longhorn Rod Run 2015 canceled

As some of you may know this site has hosted photos for the longhorn rod run for 5 years.

This year we took a trip to old town spring on the scheduled date for the classic car show. Plenty of parking, not a huge crowd.
Did the walk around, no classic cars. after about two minutes sitting eating Barbecue at the train, Old Town Spring posts a notice saying that the car show was canceled.
The notice said that the Longhorn Rod run not only was canceled but that the car club disbanded.
Meanwhile the application link on their site never worked this year anyway.
so, sorry folks, no car pictures this year.

There was no Longhorn Rod Run 2015

Listed on the Old Town Spring Facebook page

We apologize, there will not be a Rod Run event any longer here in OTS. The car club has disband. We apologize for…

Posted by LongHorn Rod Run on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dollar Shave Club – I tried it

My boss decided to get her husband and herself some razors from Dollar Shave Club.
she knows I have been shaving my head for some time now, so my boss decided to get me a razor.
She gave me a pack of 4 six blade heads and one handle grip. The Executive.
As someone who has been using Gillette Fusion 5 blade razors (for $35 for 5 heads) for about 16 years or so, I said Why not. Many times I have tried cheaper blades and it has left me wearing a hat a couple days waiting for the cuts to heal so I can shave again. Since everyone is trying these razors and saying “they’re alright” I figured I should at least give it one more try.

The experience
The handle was nice and heavy and the grip was squishy, reminds me of Mushroom Grips for bicycles in the 80s.
Loading the blades as simple as all of the others.
Removing the blades take a bit more of a push than i am used to, but I am used to blades that fall off sometimes.
Did I tell you I try cheap razors? Well I do. Since I have a few dual blade Bic razors in the bathroom that I have not used yet, I decided to give this a funny, half head comparison. Yes I shaved one side of my head with the Dollar Shave Club razor with intention of shaving the other half of my head with the dollar store 2 blade Bic. After shaving the right half of my head with the Dollar Shave Club razor, I realized there would be no comparison. This was a good clean fast shave. I even shaved slowly to be ready for the razor to just crap out and start digging into my head. It did not, and I clean shaved areas to the skin, in one single swipe where I normally have to shave two or three times. Of course just to be extra cautious, I went back over my entire head a second time. Never once hearing or feeling that satisfying crunch of “heck yeah I just cut more hair”.
To take it up a notch, I hadn’t shaved my face in over 2 weeks. So why not just go the full 100% shaved. Never once did my hair get pulled. Not on my chin, not under the nose, not behind the jaw, and not at the back of my neck.

There is a downside
The blade was a bit too large to get the fronts close areas of upper lip by nostrils (philtrum?????). Ended up having to put a corner inside my nostrils.

I have an issue with the idea of paying $10 for razors every single month when I know a pack of Gillette Fusion blades can last me several months considering that I do not and will not shave my head every single day. but the $10 isn’t much for the blades at that quality. still feels like that weird penny music club of the 80s where you get stuck buying a new cassette whether you want one or not. I just don’t like the idea that I will get sucked into the rabbit hole of the penny a month club cassette obligation thing . I mean look at it, my boss is giving away razors because they haven’t used up their first batch yet.
There wasn’t any kind of razor holder to mount the blade to when I was done, just set it on the counter. Seems messy.

If you want to make sure you have new blades every month and do not mind reoccurring revenue and have no issue with the waste of tossing out so many blades so often so you get your money’s worth, then the Dollar Shave Club wouldn’t be a bad suggestion for you. I myself am still trying to  decide. I really like the shave. A lot.

Quote from Tracy from Dollar Shave Club

For those that do not shave as frequently but still want a great shave, Dollar Shave Club does allow members to set up their subscriptions so they receive razors on a bi-monthly schedule. You’d also only be paying for the razors you receive.

Always makes me feel weird when I get contacted by someone I review the products of.
Can’t tell if I was a jerk or if they get that criticism is what it takes to move a product in a needed direction.
The Score

Things I looked for while testing the Dollar shave Club Razor Points 1-10
Feel of blade 10
Simplicity to load an unload 8
Strokes needed to shave a row 10
Easy to clean 10
storage 1
Feel of handle 10
Cost 8
Full score 8

Dating Sites – Man’s Guide

What I have noticed with dating sites, is you see a lot of the same things. It’s as if people decide that a format is the best way to create a profile on dating sites. If you go against the format, you go against protocol, and if you step out of protocol, you are taboo.

So, let me (in a humorously true way) break down how the protocol looks to an original thinker who goes against their grain.

All single women with children, must create a profile on a dating site. These single women must be divided into two groups.(and one bonus)

  1. Fun but crazy and careless with you
  2. Mean bitter analytical and not fun at all
  3. bonus, is just looking for someone to raise her family.

This is what I get from the dating sites. I know it sound cynical from an outside perspective but you have to try it for yourself to see what actually goes on. Pretty much most of the stereotypes people have about online dating are incorrect but do a decent enough job explaining the people of dati8ng sites, but still very incorrect.

Here is an example of a single mom with a daughter

My kids are my life and we are a package deal so if you don’t understand the sacrifices made as being a parent move on to the next! I am a simple fun loving person, down to earth and easy going. I am more of a home body but do enjoy going out. I am a busy person and don’t get a lot of free time but if the right guy comes along I know how to make time for a special person. I enjoy having great conversations with people and I speak whats on my mind. I can be sarcastic and love making people laugh but also know how to be serious. I love almost all music but love to turn the volume up when listening to rock! I like playing video games with my kids, sometimes I feel like a grown up kid lol. There is nothing better than being outdoors, it’s so peaceful and beautiful just wish it didn’t get so damn hot! I have gone back to school and currently working on my Radiology degree and hope to be working at MD Anderson helping wonderful people. I am very passionate about people and life and try my best to make the best out of what I have been dealt. I like and have nice things but I am not materialistic. Money isn’t everything, it’s what’s in your heart that matters the most!

I am just going by what I saw at this site my friend got me on.
Single moms with daughters only, their profiles are all serious, and you can’t say anything to them without them over analyzing your statement and then flipping out . One asked me ” would you like to chat and get to know each other?” and I responded “Yes that sounds like a great idea” and she responded with “What the hell is that supposed to mean? “.
Single moms with boys and girls, with the girls being older than boys, Seemed quite similar, except their profiles all say “I do everything for my kids” Which is honorable, until you chat with them and it seems they are profiling you to see if you fit in their Ex (or dead) husbands shoes and suit.
Fresh out of a divorce, Knows how to give you what you need. but wait she’ll get sick of it if you count on it a lot.
Single women with no kids , very carefree with their attire, but all have this look of “I NEVER HAD A PUPPY I’M GETTING OLD”
Single moms with just boys have this peaceful pleasant look to them, and their wit, their wit is outstanding. They are fun.
She has a man but he is in jail or rehab, dresses provocative but their personality is sweet and kind. She will most likely go back to him when he gets out. She loved him first. So far I am 0/3 with these.
Single moms with boys older than girls, Almost the same, as if they know the boy will protect the little girl while she is away, but seem to have this personality of abandonment. She will be a partier but you will only see her maybe one day a week. but it will be fun.

When I first posted this I was only hours into looking.

Moms with sons…. They are awesome. The end!

What I find best practice, don’t read that profile at all. Talk to the woman and how she communicates with you is what should matter to you. All of what is on their profile could be edited and cultured for better results and better impression rather than her true feelings. So talk to her. If she insists you must read the profile, move on. There are plenty more people on the sites. unless you like bossy.

Why States That Raise Minimum Wage First are Selfish


Minimum wage, the standard set for human worker’s rights back in 1938. The federal minimum wage has been raised 22 times since that time.

The first state to raise minimum wage willingly, is the one state to benefit from the increased income taxes. after enough states bring up minimum wage, things begin to level out to no one benefiting.

Picture this example.
You own a store. You have two employees. Employee 1 has been with you for 6 years and  you pay that employee $15 an hour. Employee 2 just started 5 months ago and is making $8.50  an hour. You suddenly have to pay your $8.50 an hour employee $15 an hour. Your overhead for  employee 2 has just increased to near double. Employee 2 is still green and only knows what few functions they have learned in 5 months, which is nowhere near what employee 1 learned over the course of 6 years. So.. Do you give employee 1 a raise? Not all companies will. Let’s just say you do not have enough income at your business to give employee 1 that raise just yet, you may hold out until they complete their 7th year. I mean, cost of living hasn’t gone up, just minimum wage. Right?
Now you have to bump the cost of your goods a tad bit to cover the new cost of employee 2, may as well go ahead and move cost up a tad more because employee 1 is due pretty soon for a raise anyway.
Do you give employee 1 near double the pay they were making? or just the difference in 7.50 and 15? Bump employee 1 to 22.50? or bump employee 1 to $28ish? Or just be realistic and continue to give employee 1 their normal $1 an hour raise each year? Remember this is coming from YOUR income.

So now everyone is making more and everyone is paying more, how does this relate to the state being selfish?
That state is now bringing in more income tax and more on sales tax.
If you are making more money an hour, then you have a greater income, then you pay more in taxes. Since the store who pays your wage is charging more to cover your cost,  This means the amount of tax per item being paid has increased. From gasoline, to bubble gum, to cars, to lipstick, to nail clippers.. Pretty much every single thing sold in that state is bringing in more taxes.

Now that state is bringing in more money and the cost of everything is slightly higher now.

Now other states follow up on this and start doing the same thing to get out of debt and it somewhat works, except the national cost of products begins to increase across the board. Then eventually every state is doing this or they will get left in super uber debt and everyone will be poor in the states that were late to join the taxes (rob Peter to pay Paul) trick. Now everyone who was making what minimum wage is now, is now making minimum wage and everyone is working the same amount of hours to buy the things that minimum wage was struggling to buy before. You just brought the people who earned their pay, down to minimum wage and the cost of living per labor hours has not gotten any better.

In short, raising minimum wage is a hustle.

Want better life? Do something to prove it.

My Tree Survived

My little tree in my yard, for the first time in 4 years is full of leaves.
After the drought we had in Texas in 2011 (year of all of the fires) and a sad slow downward spiral through 2012 , 2013 and 2014, my little sapling is full with growth. After being forced to cut off  roughly 2 feet of the top that had died well over two years ago, my little tree is now about the size of an average sized man, but full of leaves and new limbs. Now showing teh most life it has since the day I watched the home builders plant it. Yes in the way you’d expect a drywall guy to plant a tree. Put roots in ground, cover hole with dirt. but now, this tree is alive and doing quite well.
But wait… There’s more…
My sapling has guests.
My sapling is now home to a family of birds. We now have a mama bird, a daddy bird and three little nestlings.
We now host 5 mockingbirds.

In some of the pictures you will see the momma bird and in others you pretty much just see beaks of the baby birds.

We’ve watched these babies from a distance and snuck up once or twice to see the eggs. Never long enough to take a picture though.
These photos are from about 15 feet away. Hopefully we did not disturb any feeding schedule.

I’m so happy that this tree that was a lost cause for 3 and a half years, now has a bird nest in it, and the nest is housing a family that is active. Proud of my pruning skills, I will watch these babies grow. From my window of course.

DIY Dresser Stripping , Repainting, Repair and Restoration

The girlfriend and I decided to meet in the middle on the looks of her dressers.
I wasn’t for all of the colors and she wasn’t for going all black or brown. So we decided to go two-tone. Grey and white, but with the detailed areas trimmed in black.
The tools we used for stripping the paint:

Pack of 10 razor blades (Used only 6)
Pack of 5  9″x11″, 150 grit sand paper
Pack of 5  9″x11″, 400 grit sand paper
1 sanding block
2 sanding sponges
1 gallon gloss white paint
1 gallon light grey paint
1 quart black acrylic paint
1 6″ foam paint roller
1 4″ foam Paint roller
1 9″ paint roller
One bottle of wood glue. barely even used any of it.

Paint Removal
The majority of paint removal was done with the razor blades; just plane old square-shaped razor blades.
Sanding alone was a lesson in self control. Heads up: No matter how bad you want to, do not press harder on the sand paper. Hold just hard enough to keep the sand paper from sliding out from under your hand. Fold it in half to get a better grip if you have to.

The trick to using the razor blade, when you hit a spot where you can’t get between the paint and the wood, make curves with a slight slicing motion as you continue to push away with the razor blade. Be sure to not cut into the wood. You can usually feel when that happens, and sometimes feel it just before it happens. Every now and again you will feel nothing and cut right into the surface of the wood. So be careful and go slow so if you do cut into the wood, it won’t be as deep as if you rushed and just chopped away at the paint. I kept the blade at around 5-10 degrees. If I could get lower, I did; especially where the paint was thin. Sometimes, on the thin spots, I just had to chop and scrape at the paint. Sometimes it was more beneficial to come at that spot from a different position/side.

We started with the chest of drawers.

The chest of drawers took us nearly two weeks to scrape the paint off, sand to prep for paint, then paint and cure. Of course we did all drawers at this time, even the drawers for the dresser.

Here are are the drawers sanded down and glued:

Then the dresser:

By the time we started the dresser, the work got super easy. Not sure if there were fewer layers of paint to remove on the dresser or if we just got really good at scraping and sanding by then. We were done scraping, sanding and painting the dresser in two days. All that is left is the detailed area to be trimmed out in the black acrylic paint.

Applying the paint
First and foremost, do full length strokes with the roller. You do not want to have a thick spot in the middle where you stopped one stroke and then started another. This will show when the paint dries and will look bad. Full length, straight line, even rolls the entire length of the dresser.

Nearing the final stages of the project, we brought the dresser and the chest of drawers into the bedroom, to get out of the heat and dust of the garage.

The rest of the work would be the filling in of the detailed areas with black trim and possibly a flat white inner covering. This is still undecided and since it would be irreversible, we are taking our time.

ESPYs 2015 Sucked

Decided to sit and watch all of the deserving people of American sports win their appreciation trophies and hear their acceptance speeches.
Got very little of that.
espy2015The ESPYs was, to say the least, a whole lot of nothing and very little sports acceptance. The ESPYs honored maybe 5 people but took nearly two hours to make everyone feel bad, play aweful music and told us we all suck for having an opinion that isn’t approved by others.
What we did get from the ESPYs was a lot of whining. We got a lot of unrelated sports garbage full of emotional useless-to-sports crap.
Some dude who looks like an old worn out sock puppet getting an award that isn’t even about sports, for just being him. We had to listen to this dude dribble on and on about something that really needs to be talked about at meetings where people want to hear it. Like home owners meetings, counsel meetings and whatever, not sports awards.
We listened to people get emotional about all kinds of garbage that has nothing to do about scoring a goal, getting a touchdown, or striking people out.

When did sports get so whiny and dramatic?

Can we save this garbage for talk shows and soap operas? Can we get back to the games? Not the ESPYs. Let’s have people getting noted for being the best at this or that sport. Not “Oh I have migraines and have suffered for just being me” blah blah blah.

Heck even one sports figgure said “Thanks for the trophy, this show is about us” followed by whatever, but it does sum up what the show should be about. But the ESPYs this year took another direction… Drama…

The ESPYs are no longer to be watched by me. That was very un-entertaining. Thanks for guilting everyone, shaming everyone else and pointless drama. Heck That Kardashian show is more about sports than the 2015 ESPYs. I’m done with that junk.

How I deal With Collectors Calling

I have collectors calling at all hours of the daytime. I receive at the least one phone call every hour and 15 minutes from different collectors. Leaving voicemail when I don’t answer their calls. Many are just silent with no message.
For the longest I would just hit the ignore button on my phone. But that became an annoying task. Later I just turned my ringer off. That lead to me missing a whole lot of important calls. Next I started blocking known numbers of the collectors. This lead me to adding all collectors to the same i.d. in my phone and having that i.d. go straight to voicemail. Changed my voicemail greeting to me just saying one single syllable word. This makes it happen too fast for humans to know when to leave the message. This lead to me going through my voicemail and deleting all collectors messages every day just before bed. Like some weird compulsion . So many silent messages.
Then.. Brilliance hit me.

Now I will let my voicemail fill up and go back to the old ways. If I don’t know you, you wont call me. Now I can clean out voicemail every month or so.

I in no way advise you to do or try this.

Cuntous Interruptus

InterupterWhy do people interrupt people? Why do some people interrupt others more than anyone else? Why does it seem like less and less people can hold a normal conversation these days?
I have been noticing it more and more these days where I’m telling someone of an event and they rattle off in a total different direction like a kid coated in sugar and caffeine in some toy world play land.
They just blast you with endless interruptions. As if interrupting people does something for them as some weird social status.

Me: On my way here, I stopped at a store and
Them: Oh speaking of stores, I was at the store the other day, I bought an apple and I tossed it in the trash and it exploded and reminded me of an explosion I survived as a child (at this point I have to listen… Sad story coming). A 9 volt battery exploded like three blocks away from me last year at work. Well it didn’t explode, it just leaked. Weird how they do that right? (…..)
Me: Yep, but as I was saying, I stopped at a store and when I walked in
Them: Are you still going on about that ? Can you stop repeating yourself?
Me: Well… Okay.. TO SUM IT UP THE PLACE GOT ROBBED I GOT SHOT AT AND THE STORE BURNED DOWN!!!! (Can’t say store… because that’s a repeated word I guess)
Them:OMG tell me everything Start from the beginning.
Me: Nope that’s about it.
Them: Oh so it was nothing. Well, let’s go to that store I want some apples.
Me: That store burned down, there is nothing to buy there.
Them: you act like you know everything.
Me: ???

Sometimes the interrupting just goes on and on. Sometimes I just walk away and find other things to do. These people, when I notice they do that, I start talking to them slower so I don’t have to build up some momentum just to get it shot down with their decision to go in another direction.
Sometimes I just stop talking to them altogether or ignore them from there out.
What is it that makes people get that way?
What makes people have so short of an attention span that they can not take the time to listen to what someone is saying to them just as they expect that person to listen to them?