Synthol Users – How to spot

Once you learn what a synthol user looks like, you stop looking at the "body builders" the same. you learn that many of the "body builders" barely do any working out and most of what you see is for show. A swollen blob of fake.
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Troll Drivers

To those people on the road who seem to be out there just to upset people so they can get their kicks on it, you my friend, need to pull over one time and face these people
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Why Does She Cheat?

Stolen Crushed Heart
Why did she pick that person? My enemy/boss (either or) is the last person I would respect her for cheating with behind my back. and I would have never expected it.
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Ebola Society and Media

Everyone has some statistical chat that shows the likelihood of catching Ebola even though it has only been in the usa for a month. So those statistics are a bit premature. It is the doubt that you will get it that will make you most likely to be careless enough to get Ebol
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