Superbowl 2016 is here

Football season is almost over and it’s time for everyone in the office to start talking about who they like and who they dislike and how their team is or isn’t going to do this or that.
Got me. Never cared any bit about football or the people who play it.
But I do know a few things. Is football has it’s own fashions.
Like :

  • You’re not a real fan if you don’t wear the jersey of the team you support.
  • The team you support has to be the ones I agree with or you’re not one of the cool kids
  • Your jersey can only be made from one manufacturer or you’re poor and gross
  • Buy big sticker of teams logo and put it in your car window like.
  • Sticker likely has to be from same manufacturer.
  • Big barbecue pit. Must run on gas because …. Lazy fat football guy can’t keep fire.

“Buy truck, … must buy truck, not man no truck, buy beer in truck, must buy beer in truck not man no beer.. talk about football on big phone from truck with bought beer, no man no big phone”I picture this big penis envy f-tard in a gigantic extra extended cab double dully long bed 4×4 with turbo holding a 2 foot by 3 foot phone to his head and lone star beer and a hat that sticks out the window it is so big and a buckle he bangs his shins on when he walk, can’y Wizz past his first two fingers, and his eyes all swirly from the suggestive commercials …. when guys talk football.

I have had guys question my gender and sexuality because I don’t care for football.  Truth is, if you need football to prove your manhood, then you aren’t very manly on your own.

And I don’t care for a sport where guys chase each other around on a field in tights and jump in a pile then pat each other on the butt, then later shower together.

I will pass on Football, and pass on the Superbowl. Unless it’s lingerie football. (they changed the name to legends….)

Houston Comicon 2016 Trader’s Village

Trader’s Village in Houston Texas will hold it’s very first Comicon on April 16th and 17th.

Trader’s Village is upping their parking fee to $4 but not charging an admission fee.

They are requesting comic book, sci-fi, cosplay dealers and artists and those with Comicon related material apply to set up displays. We can assume those folks will have to pay a bit of a fee. That would only be logical.

Their registration form can be found on Trader’s Village site by direct download of the application PDF.

For the rest of us who usually have to pay higher fees to get into regular venues for Comicon, there is no entry fee other than the initial one for parking.

The site is huge. On a regular vendor day, it can take a full day of walking to see the content of every store. With an event like Comicon, it should take the entirety of two days to see as much as possible. There are acres of land with covered spaces to set up displays.

There will be food like big turkey legs, pizza, hot dogs and corn dogs. Bathrooms are at the far ends of the property (so go when you see one). Did I tell you the place is big? There are also bars with ATMs in them that serve beer, wine and Gatorade if you need cash or a beverage. Yes people walk around drinking.

Hope to see you there and that you are as excited to go as I am.

Will you Do Comicon 2016 ?

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If you would like to see what the location looks like, here are more pictures I took myself of Trader’s Village in the past few years.
Trader’s Village day 1
Trader’s Village Day 2

Is This A Picture Of The President Of Croatia?

There is a picture circulating the social sites (namely Facebook) claiming the woman in the picture is the president of Croatia.
The woman is dressed in a swimsuit or bathing suit or whatever you call it. She is standing on a beach in sand. The picture has two still shots of her and a bikini and very noticeable body parts.
You want to know if that is actually the president of Croatia in that bikini picture.
The caption reads “Gentlemen… The President Of Croatia”
Bad news folks. The woman in the picture is Coco Austin, who happens to be the wife of Rapper and tv star, Ice Tea.
Here is a picture of Coco Austin and Ice Tea that same day and Coco Austin is wearing the exact same bikini.

so the statement in the image is false.


Fake Social Experiments, Stop Sharing Them

There has been a rash of fake social experiment videos plaguing Facebook and youtube over the past couple years.
Sure the message of helping the homeless or downtrodden makes you feel great and makes you feel as though you are helping the homeless and or brings awareness to homelessness.
It doesn’t. We know there are homeless people. Homeless and begging has been going on for longer than there has been recorded history. and you are not helping at all. In fact you might be harming them.

In the video that gets referenced where the guy gives a homeless man a pizza then another guy walks up and gets free pizza from the homeless man. Um… both guys (not the homeless man) have the same damn company logo on their shirt. When I see that logo in any video, I end the video. Because it is fake and rather offensive to my intellect…

So basically…. Someone created a homeless experiment video, then the main homeless man in the video was to get funds from donations in his honor. The person who opened the account to go fund me account, had stipulations that the homeless man would not sign. The homeless man did not receive the funds. and was later found dead. Dead by the means that the video suggests would not happen.
If you want to do something about homelessness, then start an actual foundation that does not keep most of the donations.
You want to help homelessness, go to the local apartment complexes and trailer parks and find the spots with lots of people living in them and help those people. because someone in that group will become homeless.

All of the social experiments that I have seen have the same level of falseness to them. When I see them I just scroll past them now. but it seems lately my Facebook feed has become rather heavily flooded with people sharing these youtube videos.

They’re Funny Because They’re true

Someone posted this on a social site
34 funny pictures that you can not 100% deny
Problem is, they posted this as one long giant picture that is zoomed way out by default and you have to click into it to see it….
So I had to break it up for everyone because that long strip thing is just stupid.
Because these are genuinely funny pictures. but no one has time to scroll down that and if you accidentally click one time. BOOP, it shrinks away again.
And no you will not be forced to click next to see the next funny picture.. and you will not have to wait for each page to load it’s million and five adverts.
So here you go, You’re welcome.

33 Painfully True Facts about Everyday Life

Yeah, the funny images came out a long page.
But hey it’s better than hitting the “Next” button.

Fire Alarm Practice Tests

While studying for my Nicet level I, I searched for practice tests and barely found any.
The practice tests I did find didn’t seem to have answers to let me know how well I am doing on the test. So I looked up the answers and made a quiz for new hires at the place I work. I also made a few questions from things I learned while reading NFPA 72
I think this is helping me study for the Nicet test. I am however certain it is giving me a better understanding of fire alarm installation and inspection codes.
Some of the questions are just me taking exactly what is in the NFPA 72 and asking “True or False”. No idea if these questions will actually be on the Nicet test. They will allow the company I work for, a chance to evaluate new hired employees. If you see any of these questions and answers to be incorrect Please help me and others by pasting the answers below.
This practice quiz was created for the sole purpose of learning how to read and navigate the NFPA 70 and NFPA 72 books quickly and easily, to help with actual test taking. This quiz was not created to give you exact questions on the Nicet tests. These may even help with learning how to study for FAL test. They may not.

Fire Alarm Practice Test

More to come when I finally pass my Nicet level I II and III tests.
For each test, the questions will change.

Single on Holidays No More – This One Is For The Fellas.

Guys, the day before thanksgiving is your deadline for probable hook ups, until summer.
That day is the day that any and every single dude could find a woman for a four month relationship at the drop of a hat.
The last day before the first holiday with family.
Next Thanksgiving, if you are single, the “desperate to not look single around mom” women will be found in autoparts stores, hardware store and bait and tackle shops.
The rest of the year the women are prettier in those places, and with a guy they pick up after they dump the four month guy.
Just past Valentines day, so she has someone to taunt when she gets in shape for summer body and gets a new man. Which she will be quick to let you know about.
So.. If you are ready for that weirdness (damn straight a lot of them do it,) just go with it.. another women will be along in the summer.

The closer it gets to the two major holidays, the uglier things get. The less she will be ideal for you and more bitter she potentially can be. I mean come on. She is this far into the year and still single, when she really doesn’t want to start next year single and she hopes to be broken up with you just after valentine’s day and on to new guy by summer. I mean two guys a year isn’t bad. Is it?

So, she should be over you by St Patrick’s day and on to trying out new people.
Be new people.

Holiday time – be in men places. Tackle shops, auto parts stores, hardware stores, gun range etc.
St Patrick’s day – be in pub type places.
Summer – be on the beach and in clubs.
Have fun. Find or don’t find, the main idea is to have fun. Fun people attract people.
Pretty cut and dry. You must run with the herd and where they group and jump, is where you must hunt.
Because no matter how cool she thinks she is about it, she is hunting too.

Did a guy really buy up a single viewing of Star Wars at a theater?

There is a picture on Facebook getting lots of attention.
The picture is of screenshot of a post where someone saying their brother bought all of the tickets for a showing of Star Wars in a single theater.
the image reads as
My brother didn’t want anyone in the theatre at the star wars premier so he spent $2180 to buy all of the tickets.

Is this a real post?
Let’s break it down.
Which countries spell it as “theater” and which ones spell as “theatre” ?
of those countries which ones use the dollar symbol?
When you go to a movie theater, look close at your tickets and look close at the seats. There is no limit to tickets, there is a limit on occupants. There are no seat numbers. What the theaters sell are occupancies. Not assigned seats. When the theater is full, they stop selling tickets. Selling one person a $2000 seat will not make up for selling 50 people $2000 worth of tickets, plus the items bought at the concession stand.

People would still show up and sit down and the person in the reference photo would have to miss a part of the movie to throw a tantrum about someone walking in.

Even though unconfirmed, logic says this image is most likely fake, or a poor choice by someone who doesn’t know how things work.

Dollar Shave Club Two Month Review

So I have been using the Dollar Shave Club razors for 2 months, shaving my head and face.
The boss’s wife has been giving me new refill packs from their order. Which they are completely happy with, by the way.
The first shave was amazing. Second shave with the same blade, not so amazing.
Those blades are not made for multiple shaves. There is a very good reason these blades are so inexpensive; you cannot use the same blade twice on a beard unless you intend to pull the hair out by the roots or make nickle size cuts on your face, legs, head or wherever .
Compared to the Gillette Fusion I have been using every other day, the Dollar Shave blades become 100% useless after the first shave while the Gillette blades go on for 3 complete head and face shaves a week for at least two weeks.
Maybe not for everyone, but in my experience, I was not happy with the second shave attempt.
I have also taken brand new blades out of the box and ended up with big cuts into my scalp anyway.
Everything in my first post about Dollar Shave Club, was true to how I felt, but after a few uses of the DSC razors, my opinion has change drastically.
I am not going to turn this into a bashing, so this is a short post.
I will refuse the next set of DSC blades I get offered. To me, they just aren’t worth it, and I will continue to alternate between expensive blades and 10-pack for $1 deals. No desire to wait for my head to heal so I can shave again.
By the time stuff like this goes away my hair will have grown at least an inch.
By then I have to charge up the trimmer, charge up the electric shaver. I can’t handle this inconvenience.

Are people mad about red starbucks cups?

The latest internet “news” topic is saying that people Re protesting red coffee cups at Starbucks. The rumor is that people are. Supposedly upset about the color of the cups meaning the wipe out of a religion.

Are people really protesting red Starbucks cups?

The truth is… No. No one is actually protesting red Starbucks cups. This is yet another troll topic to start fights online. Created solely by trolls.

Spoken like a dude:
Some kids made a post saying that Christians are mad about red Starbucks cups, and that it means genocide of Christianity.

It looked just good enough to get a ton of Atheists out making fun of Christians.

The news got hold of the topic, and now it’s even worse.
So everyone is bashing Christians and Christians are like “Hey screw you” now Atheists are like, “It’s just a cup and jesus aint real” .

christians are like “Screw you even more dude”

Meanwhile no one is actually supporting the cup protest at all. but atheists are like “HAHAHA You think the cup will take you to a fictional devil”

Christians respond with “Man you’re going to hell”

Basically, sheer stupidity.

Meanwhile, Santa wears red and no one calls it Christian genocide”.


Great……and now Trump jumps on it. Something tells me he is playing the role he was hired to play and make republicans look like morons.