Stomp’s Burger Joint League City, TX


I saw a sign that said the word “Angus” another sign said ‘Stomp’s Burger joint”.. So the brakes screeched and a big U-turn and there it is

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Supermoon 9.8.2014


The final Supermoon of 2014.
I got a few snapshots of the moon

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TMZ Releases Video of Ray Rice Knocking out Fiance


TMZ just shared from reddit is the footage of Ray Rice Knocking out his fiance.

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Site update


I love Houston Music scene and that’s where you can find me again. I’ll be the guy not doing anything interesting .

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BFE 9.6.14. Benefit Multi-Band Concert

There was a benefit last night for two of Houston’s music scene’s biggest contributors. This benefit had a some of Houston’s most known bands. From 4 pm through to 2 am, just good hard rock music.

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