Single on Holidays No More – This One Is For The Fellas.

Guys, the day before thanksgiving is your deadline for probable hook ups, until summer.
That day is the day that any and every single dude could find a woman for a four month relationship at the drop of a hat.
The last day before the first holiday with family.
Next Thanksgiving, if you are single, the “desperate to not look single around mom” women will be found in autoparts stores, hardware store and bait and tackle shops.
The rest of the year the women are prettier in those places, and with a guy they pick up after they dump the four month guy.
Just past Valentines day, so she has someone to taunt when she gets in shape for summer body and gets a new man. Which she will be quick to let you know about.
So.. If you are ready for that weirdness (damn straight a lot of them do it,) just go with it.. another women will be along in the summer.

The closer it gets to the two major holidays, the uglier things get. The less she will be ideal for you and more bitter she potentially can be. I mean come on. She is this far into the year and still single, when she really doesn’t want to start next year single and she hopes to be broken up with you just after valentine’s day and on to new guy by summer. I mean two guys a year isn’t bad. Is it?

So, she should be over you by St Patrick’s day and on to trying out new people.
Be new people.

Holiday time – be in men places. Tackle shops, auto parts stores, hardware stores, gun range etc.
St Patrick’s day – be in pub type places.
Summer – be on the beach and in clubs.
Have fun. Find or don’t find, the main idea is to have fun. Fun people attract people.
Pretty cut and dry. You must run with the herd and where they group and jump, is where you must hunt.
Because no matter how cool she thinks she is about it, she is hunting too.

Did a guy really buy up a single viewing of Star Wars at a theater?

There is a picture on Facebook getting lots of attention.
The picture is of screenshot of a post where someone saying their brother bought all of the tickets for a showing of Star Wars in a single theater.
the image reads as
My brother didn’t want anyone in the theatre at the star wars premier so he spent $2180 to buy all of the tickets.

Is this a real post?
Let’s break it down.
Which countries spell it as “theater” and which ones spell as “theatre” ?
of those countries which ones use the dollar symbol?
When you go to a movie theater, look close at your tickets and look close at the seats. There is no limit to tickets, there is a limit on occupants. There are no seat numbers. What the theaters sell are occupancies. Not assigned seats. When the theater is full, they stop selling tickets. Selling one person a $2000 seat will not make up for selling 50 people $2000 worth of tickets, plus the items bought at the concession stand.

People would still show up and sit down and the person in the reference photo would have to miss a part of the movie to throw a tantrum about someone walking in.

Even though unconfirmed, logic says this image is most likely fake, or a poor choice by someone who doesn’t know how things work.

Dollar Shave Club Two Month Review

So I have been using the Dollar Shave Club razors for 2 months, shaving my head and face.
The boss’s wife has been giving me new refill packs from their order. Which they are completely happy with, by the way.
The first shave was amazing. Second shave with the same blade, not so amazing.
Those blades are not made for multiple shaves. There is a very good reason these blades are so inexpensive; you cannot use the same blade twice on a beard unless you intend to pull the hair out by the roots or make nickle size cuts on your face, legs, head or wherever .
Compared to the Gillette Fusion I have been using every other day, the Dollar Shave blades become 100% useless after the first shave while the Gillette blades go on for 3 complete head and face shaves a week for at least two weeks.
Maybe not for everyone, but in my experience, I was not happy with the second shave attempt.
I have also taken brand new blades out of the box and ended up with big cuts into my scalp anyway.
Everything in my first post about Dollar Shave Club, was true to how I felt, but after a few uses of the DSC razors, my opinion has change drastically.
I am not going to turn this into a bashing, so this is a short post.
I will refuse the next set of DSC blades I get offered. To me, they just aren’t worth it, and I will continue to alternate between expensive blades and 10-pack for $1 deals. No desire to wait for my head to heal so I can shave again.
By the time stuff like this goes away my hair will have grown at least an inch.
By then I have to charge up the trimmer, charge up the electric shaver. I can’t handle this inconvenience.

Are people mad about red starbucks cups?

The latest internet “news” topic is saying that people Re protesting red coffee cups at Starbucks. The rumor is that people are. Supposedly upset about the color of the cups meaning the wipe out of a religion.

Are people really protesting red Starbucks cups?

The truth is… No. No one is actually protesting red Starbucks cups. This is yet another troll topic to start fights online. Created solely by trolls.

Spoken like a dude:
Some kids made a post saying that Christians are mad about red Starbucks cups, and that it means genocide of Christianity.

It looked just good enough to get a ton of Atheists out making fun of Christians.

The news got hold of the topic, and now it’s even worse.
So everyone is bashing Christians and Christians are like “Hey screw you” now Atheists are like, “It’s just a cup and jesus aint real” .

christians are like “Screw you even more dude”

Meanwhile no one is actually supporting the cup protest at all. but atheists are like “HAHAHA You think the cup will take you to a fictional devil”

Christians respond with “Man you’re going to hell”

Basically, sheer stupidity.

Meanwhile, Santa wears red and no one calls it Christian genocide”.


Great……and now Trump jumps on it. Something tells me he is playing the role he was hired to play and make republicans look like morons.

3M Headlight Restoration Kit – How To and Review

We have the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit (PN: 39097) to test out.
Online prices put this product anywhere from $11 to $15 new, depending on where you shop.
Other methods we have tried to clean up and restore headlights include the bug repellent method and the toothpaste method. Both methods looked better than expected – but not this good – and they only lasted until the next rain. Also, toothpaste is pretty hard to wipe off the lens and bug spray is sticky. The 3M Headlight Restoration Kit is probably the better way to go so far.
We read the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit instructions twice before actual use. Instructions say repeatedly, the more we work on each section of the instructions, the better the results and the easier the next step will be. So, we did each step 4 times before moving to the next.
Instructions say you can do circular motions or side to side.  We did 4 inch circular motions from right to left in overlapping rows.

Headlight Restoration

At this point the headlight on the right that looks foggier is now just past the 800 grit phase of the headlight restoration kit, the headlight on the left is still untouched.

How to use the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit

  1.  Clean the lens with soap and water. I suggest if you have your assembly off of the vehicle and want to wash in the sink, be careful not to get water inside the assembly. It will be hard to dry and when your headlights get hot, it will fog and will change the inside of the lens.  You probably will not like the result.
  2. Tape off the areas around the headlights to prevent overspray and to prevent damage to your paint from the sand paper. Since we had the headlight assembly off, this only applied for protecting the rubber gasket trim around the assembly.
  3. Attach the roughest sandpaper in the package, the 500 grit disc, to the Velcro on the orange sponge. Make sure the sandpaper is centered to prevent scratches from the Velcro. Check throughout the entire process to be sure you do not leave any Velcro exposed.
  4. Use high pressure sanding to remove yellow surface from the lens. Wipe the headlight lens and clear the sandpaper disc of any sanding dust to get a more effective result. (Do this frequently throughout the entire process.) We made 4 passes to increase the possibility of good results.
  5. Wipe off the lens and inspect it to ensure the yellowing is gone from your headlight lens. If the yellow is still there, do step 4 again.
  6. Remove the 500 grit sandpaper disc from the sponge and replace it with the 800 grit sandpaper.
  7. Use medium to high pressure sanding to now remove the scratches from the 500 grit sandpaper. Wipe off the sandpaper and the lens frequently (we did this after each row) to get loose sanded dust out of sandpaper and off the lens for better results.
  8. Wipe off the lens and inspect the quality of your work. The headlight lens should look pretty clouded up and well, it should be pretty scary at this point. Yep, point of no return. Keep going.
  9. Remove the 800 grit sand paper and replace with the thick 1000 grit sanding pad.
  10. Grab a spray bottle filled with just water. Mist the headlight lens and mist the  3M sandpaper. Use medium to high pressure sanding motions to reduce the scratches from the 800 grit sandpaper used in the previous step. Spray with water frequently to keep the lens moist and get a finer finish.
  11. Wipe lens off and inspect to determine if you should repeat.
  12. Remove the 1000 grit sandpaper
  13. Install the 3000 grit sandpaper.
  14. Spray the headlight lens with water and apply medium to high pressure and begin sanding the lens with the 3000 grit sandpaper. Keep the lens and sandpaper disc moist throughout this procedure for a finer result.
  15. Wipe headlight lens and inspect your handy work to determine if you need to repeat step 14.
  16. Remove the 3000 grit sanding pad.
  17. Apply 3M Rubbing Compound (will be in one of the black packets) to the back side of the sponge (the opposite side from the Velcro). Use a dollop about the size of a quarter. Smear the compound evenly on the lens and use high pressure to remove the compound from the lens.
  18. Remove the masking tape and wipe the lens with a soft clean cloth. Preferably a microfiber cloth.
  19. If your kit comes with it, apply the 3M Synthetic Wax Protectant with a microfiber cloth. Use one cloth to apply it to the lens and another cloth to remove it in the same fashion you wax a car; but no waiting period. Instructions make it clear that you apply to the headlight and then wipe off immediately.

Finished image of the headlight that was on the right in the first picture.

Headlight restoration kit.

Finished image of the headlight that was on the left in the first picture.

End results for these headlights was very impressive.

Review Scoring
Instructions thorough – 10
Instructions easy to read – 10
Work too complex/too simple -10
Look of headlights after – 10
Cost – 10
Final score – 10/10

Boycott Star Wars VII is fake

#boycottstarwarsVII is fake.
In all sense of the word fake. The protest does not exist. at all.

#boycottstarwarsVII is supposedly created because Star Wars fans are protesting the number of actors who are of a race of which is not the same race these people are hoping for. Supposedly there is a group of Caucasian fans protesting the large number of black actors added to the new script of Star Wars VII.

This whole boycott Star Wars VII is fake it was created by a troll who was making fun of conservatives all you’ll ever see online is people wanting to argue with racists and other people arguing, saying it doesn’t mean anything. The fact that anyone is falling for the whole¬†#boycottstarwarsVII is¬† weird.¬† So this whole thing is a snowball effect from a troll creating a fake protest. This is a shame to all Star Wars Fans.

The “news” website that posted the fake article about the man killing himself over the new Star Wars, is fake in it’s self too. The “News” site’s front page hasn’t changed and is full of stupid “articles”.

If you notice, no one is actually defending the whole #boycottstarwarsVII “movement”, but people are asking why everyone is so quick to call racist.

Stop feeding the trolls. Wait until you see someone actually defend that “movement” then you should act. The rest might just be defending “their people”, not some stupid right to have a single race cast, because it never was a single race cast.

Funny part is this comes up with every Star Wars episode and gets busted as being fake, every single time.

Someone else on the topic

Do you still believe the Starwars Boycott is real?

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Tornado Burger Review

Located South West of Houston just outside of Sugarland.
Of course when I walked into Tornado Burger, all of the guys in there were walking like they just got off a horse. Polo shirts and all, yet trying to walk like a cowboy. You know? The “I am a cowboy” mosey kind of walk where when they walk up to the counter they pull the front of their belt upward as if to say “Woah little horsey”. Then the little teeter they do at the end to show you they are top heavy and tired from wrangling horses all day.
I sure hope you get what that all means. I seem to notice it a lot in barbecue and burger places that are located in suburban cowboy country.
Has to be the atmosphere in there. Nice countryish feeling. Metal walls and simple tables and simple seats.
Then here I come trying my best not to be that guy, I walk up to the counter and ask “Is your spicy burger spicy? ” well the dude rolled his eyes and the room looked at me and shook their polo shirt pocket protector wearing heads as if “yer not a real man you didn’t mosey, and nothing is too spicy” which of course I wanted to know what I was in for and so I could give this review a note based on what was said as to what I got.
Well the cashier said “Pst shaw, not too spicy”.

Tried their Spicy double meat and cheese burger. Added bacon, of course.
Fries arrives in a 16 ounce Styrofoam cup. Seasoned and still had their peelings on them. Just like I like my french fries.
This was a real cheeseburger, not too spicy. A touch on the greasy side. Not enough to run down your arm or anything, but enough to let you know that the meat is real meat and this is going to be a great burger.and it was. The meat was actually real meat that fresh. Not the mush stuff you get from most other burger places.

I would gladly go back again. Just need to figure out a way to say “hey cowboy where’d you park your Porsche?” to everyone I saw walking weird in there.

Tornado Burger Review Score
feel = 8/10
taste = 9/10
smell = 7/10
texture = 8/10

Score = 8/10

Longhorn Rod Run 2015 canceled

As some of you may know this site has hosted photos for the longhorn rod run for 5 years.

This year we took a trip to old town spring on the scheduled date for the classic car show. Plenty of parking, not a huge crowd.
Did the walk around, no classic cars. after about two minutes sitting eating Barbecue at the train, Old Town Spring posts a notice saying that the car show was canceled.
The notice said that the Longhorn Rod run not only was canceled but that the car club disbanded.
Meanwhile the application link on their site never worked this year anyway.
so, sorry folks, no car pictures this year.

There was no Longhorn Rod Run 2015

Listed on the Old Town Spring Facebook page

We apologize, there will not be a Rod Run event any longer here in OTS. The car club has disband. We apologize for…

Posted by LongHorn Rod Run on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dollar Shave Club – I tried it

My boss decided to get her husband and herself some razors from Dollar Shave Club.
she knows I have been shaving my head for some time now, so my boss decided to get me a razor.
She gave me a pack of 4 six blade heads and one handle grip. The Executive.
As someone who has been using Gillette Fusion 5 blade razors (for $35 for 5 heads) for about 16 years or so, I said Why not. Many times I have tried cheaper blades and it has left me wearing a hat a couple days waiting for the cuts to heal so I can shave again. Since everyone is trying these razors and saying “they’re alright” I figured I should at least give it one more try.

The experience
The handle was nice and heavy and the grip was squishy, reminds me of Mushroom Grips for bicycles in the 80s.
Loading the blades as simple as all of the others.
Removing the blades take a bit more of a push than i am used to, but I am used to blades that fall off sometimes.
Did I tell you I try cheap razors? Well I do. Since I have a few dual blade Bic razors in the bathroom that I have not used yet, I decided to give this a funny, half head comparison. Yes I shaved one side of my head with the Dollar Shave Club razor with intention of shaving the other half of my head with the dollar store 2 blade Bic. After shaving the right half of my head with the Dollar Shave Club razor, I realized there would be no comparison. This was a good clean fast shave. I even shaved slowly to be ready for the razor to just crap out and start digging into my head. It did not, and I clean shaved areas to the skin, in one single swipe where I normally have to shave two or three times. Of course just to be extra cautious, I went back over my entire head a second time. Never once hearing or feeling that satisfying crunch of “heck yeah I just cut more hair”.
To take it up a notch, I hadn’t shaved my face in over 2 weeks. So why not just go the full 100% shaved. Never once did my hair get pulled. Not on my chin, not under the nose, not behind the jaw, and not at the back of my neck.

There is a downside
The blade was a bit too large to get the fronts close areas of upper lip by nostrils (philtrum?????). Ended up having to put a corner inside my nostrils.

I have an issue with the idea of paying $10 for razors every single month when I know a pack of Gillette Fusion blades can last me several months considering that I do not and will not shave my head every single day. but the $10 isn’t much for the blades at that quality. still feels like that weird penny music club of the 80s where you get stuck buying a new cassette whether you want one or not. I just don’t like the idea that I will get sucked into the rabbit hole of the penny a month club cassette obligation thing . I mean look at it, my boss is giving away razors because they haven’t used up their first batch yet.
There wasn’t any kind of razor holder to mount the blade to when I was done, just set it on the counter. Seems messy.

If you want to make sure you have new blades every month and do not mind reoccurring revenue and have no issue with the waste of tossing out so many blades so often so you get your money’s worth, then the Dollar Shave Club wouldn’t be a bad suggestion for you. I myself am still trying to¬† decide. I really like the shave. A lot.

Quote from Tracy from Dollar Shave Club

For those that do not shave as frequently but still want a great shave, Dollar Shave Club does allow members to set up their subscriptions so they receive razors on a bi-monthly schedule. You’d also only be paying for the razors you receive.

Always makes me feel weird when I get contacted by someone I review the products of.
Can’t tell if I was a jerk or if they get that criticism is what it takes to move a product in a needed direction.
The Score

Things I looked for while testing the Dollar shave Club Razor Points 1-10
Feel of blade 10
Simplicity to load an unload 8
Strokes needed to shave a row 10
Easy to clean 10
storage 1
Feel of handle 10
Cost 8
Full score 8

Dating Sites – Man’s Guide

What I have noticed with dating sites, is you see a lot of the same things. It’s as if people decide that a format is the best way to create a profile on dating sites. If you go against the format, you go against protocol, and if you step out of protocol, you are taboo.

So, let me (in a humorously true way) break down how the protocol looks to an original thinker who goes against their grain.

All single women with children, must create a profile on a dating site. These single women must be divided into two groups.(and one bonus)

  1. Fun but crazy and careless with you
  2. Mean bitter analytical and not fun at all
  3. bonus, is just looking for someone to raise her family.

This is what I get from the dating sites. I know it sound cynical from an outside perspective but you have to try it for yourself to see what actually goes on. Pretty much most of the stereotypes people have about online dating are incorrect but do a decent enough job explaining the people of dati8ng sites, but still very incorrect.

Here is an example of a single mom with a daughter

My kids are my life and we are a package deal so if you don’t understand the sacrifices made as being a parent move on to the next! I am a simple fun loving person, down to earth and easy going. I am more of a home body but do enjoy going out. I am a busy person and don’t get a lot of free time but if the right guy comes along I know how to make time for a special person. I enjoy having great conversations with people and I speak whats on my mind. I can be sarcastic and love making people laugh but also know how to be serious. I love almost all music but love to turn the volume up when listening to rock! I like playing video games with my kids, sometimes I feel like a grown up kid lol. There is nothing better than being outdoors, it’s so peaceful and beautiful just wish it didn’t get so damn hot! I have gone back to school and currently working on my Radiology degree and hope to be working at MD Anderson helping wonderful people. I am very passionate about people and life and try my best to make the best out of what I have been dealt. I like and have nice things but I am not materialistic. Money isn’t everything, it’s what’s in your heart that matters the most!

I am just going by what I saw at this site my friend got me on.
Single moms with daughters only, their profiles are all serious, and you can’t say anything to them without them over analyzing your statement and then flipping out . One asked me ” would you like to chat and get to know each other?” and I responded “Yes that sounds like a great idea” and she responded with “What the hell is that supposed to mean? “.
Single moms with boys and girls, with the girls being older than boys, Seemed quite similar, except their profiles all say “I do everything for my kids” Which is honorable, until you chat with them and it seems they are profiling you to see if you fit in their Ex (or dead) husbands shoes and suit.
Fresh out of a divorce, Knows how to give you what you need. but wait she’ll get sick of it if you count on it a lot.
Single women with no kids , very carefree with their attire, but all have this look of “I NEVER HAD A PUPPY I’M GETTING OLD”
Single moms with just boys have this peaceful pleasant look to them, and their wit, their wit is outstanding. They are fun.
She has a man but he is in jail or rehab, dresses provocative but their personality is sweet and kind. She will most likely go back to him when he gets out. She loved him first. So far I am 0/3 with these.
Single moms with boys older than girls, Almost the same, as if they know the boy will protect the little girl while she is away, but seem to have this personality of abandonment. She will be a partier but you will only see her maybe one day a week. but it will be fun.

When I first posted this I was only hours into looking.

Moms with sons…. They are awesome. The end!

What I find best practice, don’t read that profile at all. Talk to the woman and how she communicates with you is what should matter to you. All of what is on their profile could be edited and cultured for better results and better impression rather than her true feelings. So talk to her. If she insists you must read the profile, move on. There are plenty more people on the sites. unless you like bossy.