What is a Stinkbeard


Time to define that thirty something year old guy in the crowd of 20 somethings telling them how to protest.. you know… that smelly dude with the nasty dirty beard and funky clothing…

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Marine and soldier vs Stinkbeards on moped with upside down flag


An ADP Protest, two people are seen on a moped flying an inverted American flag around two military service member

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The Reality Shows You Watch

So basically,the reality show you are watching a low budget soap opera with bad writers and terrible actors telling bad jokes and accepting it as real life so all of that is okay.
reality shows are fake. There is nothing enjoyable or entertaining about them and you really need to stop watching them, they are lowering your standards.

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Judge Joe Brown Arrested

judge joe brown

The daytime TV show Judge Joe brown from since… well forever, the Judge from the show Judge Joe brown was arrested in Memphis.

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St Patrick’s Day 2014 Houston


Houston Texas has a tradition of holding a parade for St. Patrick’s day on fm 1960 (now called Cypress Creek Parkway).

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