To the Single Moms and Dads

This person does not hate or even much dislike your children. Just has no place being their corrector or guide in life, until the relationship says otherwise.

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Billy Currington We are Tonight did it rip off Black Kennedy


Billy Currington has a song called “We are Tonight” great sounding song. I loved it. Listened to it over and over. and since it was talking about going back home.

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Texting and Driving It’s in Your Hands


This great technology and we are dying from it because we are too stupid to understand our priorities. Texting kills.

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Supermoon Houston 7-12-2014 – Pictures


Supermoon photographs I took
Never been all that good at taking pictures of the moon.

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Buying Barbie – Joke

A guy and his daughter walk into a toy shop to get her a Barbie doll.

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