Cuntous Interruptus

Why do people interrupt people? Why do some people interrupt others more than anyone else? Why does it seem like less and less people can hold a normal conversation these days?
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Ken Shamrock vs Kimbo Slice

Been a fan of Ken Shamrock for a very long time. Seen Ken Shamrock win countless fights. but I also had a side favorite from the internet (years later) and that was Kimbo slice. This man has taken many of big punches and did not get phased.
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Where to buy guns in Houston Texas

Houston Gun Dealers
If you have been searching Google and Bing for guns in the Houston area like I have, then you see the same thing I see. Everyone has the exact same website, same guns. They all have some out dated web design which makes you wonder if the company...
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Types of Drivers

Swinging Stupid – Swings left to turn right. Swings right to turn left. Often entering another lane. Short Stop – Stop short and roll forward. Slowly… Often more than a car length away from car in front of them. King of the Stop light – Pause at light...
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