The Reason I Refuse to Buy Name Brands

Iphone 6 Reciept

I like to have many things. I don’t care to have the best of one thing.

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LongHorn Rod Run 2014 -Day 2 Pictures

Rod Run Crowd Day2

Second day at the rod run car show in Old Town Spring Texas. The Car event of the year for Texas.

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LongHorn Rod Run 2014 – Pictures

Longhorn Rod Run

Every year Old Town Spring (A Small section of Spring Texas) allows a group to hold a car show that takes up two streets on about a mile length of the area.

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Staci Butler Live Concert Pub 9/21/2014


I’ve had Staci Butler added to my Facebook page for at least 2 years now. I think I listened to her music a couple times on Youtube before adding her, but never had the privilege to hear her live.

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Stomp’s Burger Joint League City, TX


I saw a sign that said the word “Angus” another sign said ‘Stomp’s Burger joint”.. So the brakes screeched and a big U-turn and there it is

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