The Truth Inside

Quick explanation of what might actually be going on in someone's mind when they meet certain people. and We can see what people think they are thinking.
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Fire Alarm Template, Access Control Template and Fire Sprinkler Template

Labeled Booster Circuit
Fire alarm Design is tough when you have to start out building everything from scratch. Searching the internet for blocks and fire alarm symbols turns up a few barely usable symbols and a bunch of forums that force your to sign up to and join, if you want to get a preview of the downloadable files. You can't even download the files either unless you sign up. Sign up takes days. by the time you get the notification in your email that you have been accepted, you've already forgotten where it was and what your sign in was.
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Pacquiao Mayweather fight after thoughts

Taking in consideration the likelihood of Mayweather playing a very long game of “Rope a Dope” to explain why he ran through the whole fight against Pacquiao, it’s still kind of hard to see how Mayweather won any of the early rounds when it was Pacquiao throwing and...
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