usb port car stereo+ chipod v2 = greatness

    well the chipod v2 worked great in the car on the usb port connection, why do I know this?… I forgot my fricken headphones.Car stereo I am enjoying

    so chipod score=2

    ipod score=0..

    cheap lil crappy 10 dollar mp3 player/memory stick= -1 because it played once but never again.

    Chipod linux compatible from the start no drivers no special software.. all others, need every fricken piece of software you can think of.

    Downside is the battery rakes forever to charge… I really do mean forever. it has to be attached usb to pc . I do have a usb charger for wall socket.. that sucker just got hot but did not charge. plus when you connect to the pc, even with the thing turned off you can still browse the folders, that is kinda cool kinda bad. bad because while you have it opened to browse, the battery stops charging.. no joke. I di9d not know this. I left it opened with the pc on (booted to Linux Partition) while I slept. woke up and the dang thing was at 75% charge, right where I last left it. It did charge while hooked up to the car stereo on the way to work as I listened to regular local radio … cool. but I really think chipod v1 had a way longer battery life. if this stays an issue, I might just break out my old v1 and my soldering gun.

    chipod v1

    Chipod v2 


    1. BuyAutoParts | |

      Just get an Ipod dude 🙂

      —-editor’s comment—
      who says I don’t have one?
      I have a stereo that connects great to my glove box full of mp3 players and takes usb and memory cards.
      —end editor comment—

    2. Car Audio King | |

      Ther are some really great chipods out there, there just so hard to find. My cuz jsut got one that crashes his computer sometime we he tries to connect it. He deals with it because he paid $35 for a 4gb one. Thats insane when you compare it to the price of an ipod. But the sound quality was just as good as a ipod, and he only use’s in his car, connecting to his head unit. But the battery life does suck, thats a downer.

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