Becspresso’s In Houston

    **Update ** 05.08.2012
    All Employees which used to work Beccspressos Houston are opening their own cafe The Perfect Cafe.
    Beccspressos is now Closed in Champions Forest.
    **Update ** 05.08.2012

    I have tasted the food of the gods. My coworker and friend, talked me into trying the food at his mother’s restaurant. It was an experience beyond all experiences. I found fine dining in this trip.
    The food is amazing. Sandy allowed me to watch her make my meal and take a few pictures to upload to my twitter account. The freshness of my entire meal, you could taste every bit of professionalism in her meals.
    No matter what meal you are eating, you feel as if you are in the country in which the food originated.
    It did help that I was there with her son while on lunch break, I would have never found the place. Now I will testify that this place is a “must find”.
    In fact I am writing a review about it on another site right now. I was that moved.
    If you want a fine meal, go to Becspresso’s . Here is a link to the site so you can find this Outlet of fine dining in Houston.

    And a map to Becspresso’s

    Located Near fm1960 on Cutten Road Near Champions Forest.

    My meal Consisted of Manicotti Stuffed with ricotta, bacon and prosciutto,Meat Marinara sauce

    Stuffed Manicotti
    Stuffed Manicotti

    Dessert was Chocolate Amandine

    Chocolate Amandine
    Chocolate Amandine

    Had to take it with me.

    The rum in the cake was very noticeable. I kinda felt guilty when i got back to the office. But it was so good.

    We took with us some togo boxes for the ladies at the office.

    Quiche with Soup
    Quiche with Soup

    That looks amazing, I want that the next time I go.

    I was told the place is known locally for it’s gourmet Coffee and Mocha, but I had consumed so much tea and was filled with so many tastes I didn’t want to take in so much. I will try the coffee soon.  I love my coffees.

    Their website says Becspresso’s also caters and delivers local. I bet that happens quite often. I have been taken by this food.

    My unprofessional rating 10/10


    1. Coffee Freak | |

      I love this place, I have been following for many years. The coffee is outrageously good. I get excited when I know I have time to stop in and get my daily fix of Beccspresso’s goodness.
      The people that work there know what they are preparing and do it with such a fine skill. I have never felt so “at home” I love this place.

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