The Wing Factory

    For a While now, I watched this restaurant being constructed in local business center in Houston, at FM1960 and Veterans Memorial dr. Of course I have been watching this place. It’s a freaking  Buffalo wings Place. Well it turns out to be a sports bar at night, but a great place to stop for lunch.

    First time in, it was a bit dim for lunch time and first thing I saw was a bar, I started to worry I stepped into happy hour. So I asked if they served lunch, the guy answered ” well yes, we have a great special on 8 wings strips some fries and a soft drink for $6.99. I didn’t even look at the menu, That’s exactly what i wanted. I told him I wanted the mild traditional. Look at what 8 pieces means to them.

    Man they where really good.
    Man they where really good.

    That was Far more than just 8. But not strips it was more like Chicken Chunks.

    The Mild wings had just enough spice to put a small Ting at the top of the tounge but nothing to run to get a drink. I really like to taste my food and not have my mouth disabled in pain. I have a good guess their spicy is really hot. First wings in a year that I got that didn’t turn out dry and crunchy, or taste like vinegar. The ranch dressing was thick and creamy, not the budget junk, real ranch.

    The salad was fresh, the croutons crisp and french oniony  Of course I had ranch.

    The fries , Seasoned very well with what tasted like cayenne  pepper (lightly) . salt and some sort of powdered beef flavoring, unsure of what. I could be totally wrong on that. But those things tasted great.

    The waitress came to the table plenty.

    What 7 bucks and tax got me.
    What 7 bucks and tax got me.

    That is a crazy amount of food for under ten bucks.

    It’s an ok place. Cost and taste, it’s an excellent place to eat. and of course it is less than 30 feet from a Starbucks.

    My unprofessional rating 8/10

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