Doneraki Restaurant

    Had lunch at Doneraki Restaurant

    5505 FM 1960 Rd w # J, Houston, TX

    3 beef
    3 beef

    We ate outside to enjoy a beautiful 70 degree sunny day here in Houston. The atmosphere was pretty good at first. The 8 of us from the office placed our orders and enjoyed ourĀ  chips and salsa while we waited. One refill of chips and salsa and 45 minutes later we got our food.

    Not much taste to the food. Rice looks like it was dumped out of a microwavable plastic bowl .

    I will not be going back, Unless they fix the strange smell, speed up prep time and buy new plates, clean silverware better and buy seasoning. My co-workers loved it. I well, I didn’t.

    On the web I see the place described as “Authentic Mexican” .. I have to say no. Not like what I grew up with. There was no flavor to anything I ate. Enchilada sauce was this strange goo with red color. Only good thing was the cheese. Beans had no taste, Rice, well the rice looked instant. The plates completely scratched up and worn out bad, there was food from previous customer still in the scratches.. Raw sewage smell that waved over us every five minutes. i kept trying to not tell myself it only came around while people used the bathroom

    This is my second go at this place. First time was not good, but i gave them a second chance, since everyone at work talks about the place like it is fine dining. It really is not even close.

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      I like the place, the drinks are great. Ritas rock there

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