Working in a Gas Station TRUTH!

    After eight years doing that crap work I uncovered a mess load of issues you need to face.
    The only way to make a management position, catch the fat cow stealing. Don’t say anything, in fact act nice but don’t be a wimp be kind relaxed like you just let out a huge sigh. Next day talk about being an assistant and how much you can do for her to lighten her load. If you don’t catch her stealing, guess by her personality changes.
    You know that “big review” you get every so many months? You know they usually say “the big. People are stopping by to check in on us”. Sorry to tell you, that’s for the manager’s yearly bonus. $15,000 bonus if it’s at a valaro. You do not get one red cent of it. not one penny. And you did all of the work. You counted 4500 packs of smokes, double checked your bank drops, wrote it all down so she can spend 15 minutes in a spread sheet entering in your numbers, and the next two hours and forty five minutes on site talking to her friends on the phone, while you changed trash washed windows scrubbed the parking lot stocked the shelves cleaned fountain heads, mopped the public restrooms wiped the pumps while still ringing customers all for 10% more than minimum wage. Your income is just above if not equal to HER/HIS bonus. Somehow you justify it by thinking she paid her dues. Most likely she worked a register for 1/10th the time you did. Probably stole money the whole time.
    Do not steal, I worked with so many people, and got called in to take their register while the police hauled them off.
    Do not sell to minors. What the state does is crooked. If a police officer walks in while you sell to a minor. The minor gets yelled at, you get fined $300-$2500 and the store gets nailed $10000.
    If there is a sting going on while you work the register, do not think there is any magic question you can ask to make a catch22 of a situation. All you can do is look at the I.d. and say yes or no. The wrong answer usually lands you in jail. In my 8 years, they all got sent to jail. All of them.
    Yes I got robbed at gun point.
    Woodlands Texas, shell at Gosling and 242. They got $75. The manager came in and stole $2000 from the safe and destroyed my paper work after the police took the tapes out of the vcr. She bought me a drpepper.
    There is no lunch break. You eat, people mess with you while you eat. May as well not bother.
    If you smoke quit smoking. You will waste 1/2 a pack a day. Customers will not shop if you are not standing at the register waiting to help them. The snobbier the area, the worse that is.
    All that coffee you guzzle down, makes your breath stink and your spouse hate you.
    There is no “healthy food” in a gas station. Quit fooling yourself. Your raises are 25 cents to a dollar a year at best. Do not even hope for the dollar.

    Only plus side to that job is you meet many people. That makes up for a night life you gave up. Kinda. Guys, there are very few women out there that will lower her standards enough to date a dude who does what you do for your pay. If she does, she is either very stupid, very young,(head ache) , or married and looking for some meaningless person to make her husband jealous. You know, that crazy steroid marine you sell energy pills, redbulls and xl condoms to every day.
    Do not hit on customers. That mistake will never leave your record.
    That co-worker you are friends with who you are comfortable having work you register while you prep end of shift duties, yeah he/she is stealing your drops. Every single time. Yep, it looks like you are the thief, and that person couldn’t give a squirt what happens to you.
    You can not even pass gas, or the hottest customer you have will be the next person who comes in.
    Look. I know this sounds a bit much. But eight years I saw it all. I worked grave shift at start and met lots of women at first. My promise was to a family member to work for 6 months there. Next thing you know I had accepted and adjusted so much in my life, eight years slid by like nothing.
    Wasted 8 years to a company I helped make millions while I deteriorated away no health insurance, no medical, no dental. But it was steady income. I was and am worth so much more.
    One life. Don’t settle, aim higher, always higher. More about why gas stations are bad

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