Fitness Day 2 Week 1

    50 sit-ups

    5 reps of 15 Standing Shoulder Press using two 15 Lbs Dumbbells.

    3 Sets of 8 upright Row

    3 sets of 15 Kneeling Row feels like I am starting a slow crappy lawnmower

    The sit ups are something I will do everyday.

    Now this was a pretty easy pattern. I’m a little bit shakey, but that might be due the muscles not being used that often. Glad i am not in a gym, I would have pushed it, hurt myself while making a fool of some dude who is a regular there.. ( I like to think so)

    Meals for today was some cinnamon breakfast roll from Starbucks, washed down with Coffee mixed with cream honey and cinnamon. Lunch was Lenny’s Some Roast beef Sandwich with an oatmeal cookie and diet soda (I know, I know but come on), dinner was a stew, Flavorless beef stew that is, except for a million and one huge sliced onions.. I fricken hate onions. Oh yeah, washed down with cornbread. and another diet soda. one banana and a bunch of water.

    As I did before, this time I will do the same, I will try and keep my budget from ever hitting $100. The dumbbells I have had for atleast 10 years and bought them for less than $10 at target.

    I am a bit out of shape, and I hate it. By the end of the month, I will be climbing a tree. Last time I even tried, I used just my arms, no use of legs. Well till I found a branch to sit on, my goal is to do it again. I have not tried since, just been kind of unsure if I could.  A little less muscle and little more jiggle and few medical issues I am overcoming. Nothing major, just neglect lol.

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      thanks for the insights. I have been trying to find for help with my weight so need information on what to do.

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