Ok, Pull your Pants Up

    Pull Your Pants up shirt

    PULL YOUR PANTS UP Bumper Sticker

    LOL support the Cause of making these weird little butt puppets pull up their pants and hide their skidmarked Scivvies.
    There is nothing more gross than seeing one of them butt ninjas drop change in public… They don’t even hide their man hole, they just pick stuff up. Either they are so far beyond Metro and comfortable with Homosexuals they would not object to being violated, or they just have no idea what that looks like and just how stupid and non manly that really is… someone needs to tell them what it means when a man walks around with his back end hanging out in prison (means ” it’s yours if you are tougher than my man”) ..

    and well I am grossed out by it, so I made a bumper sticker to get theĀ  move to have them either pull their pants up, or our country and each city and state’s police put their balls back on and enforce the indecent exposure laws again. Would be nice to see this slapped on some buttcrack bandit’s car.. right on the paint, or on their school locker. (ok wait, I am not saying that you should damage anyone’s property so don’t do that )

    But really they would probably still not understand and get flattered that someone actually thinks that person is thug enough to have once been in prison, To bad they don’t get what we think they are in prison. So now you have to hit them where it hurts With a Pull your pants Bumper Sticker I want to see a day of the week that every teacher and ever student and every law officer Has this bumper sticker, just one day. I bet the point would be made.

    can you not tell I am furious with this?

    I can’t help but think of some super grown man trying to look like a little boy sucking his his thumb pulling his pants up, holding his blanky and teddy while walking with a tear in his eye. He needs his AA butt kicked, and he needs it kicked pretty damn bad.

    Why is it fashion to walk into a room with your pants down, but not fashion to pull your pants down while already in the room?

    Wee need to get our law enforcement back, to enforcing the damn law.

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