Palin Lashing Out At Family Guy

    As an Internet dude who has fought many trolls (Family guy type) – ‘in short, a troll is a guy with very little to do or say with any original opinion in either way, they make their existence known by irritating people with smart ass jabs to get a fight to get attention, nothing gets attention faster than a fight, ‘- I have to say she and her daughter fought that battle poorly.

    Best way to handle a troll, is to ignore them. Reacting to them is just a way of drawing attention to you both. Unless you have a the plan or back and enough evidence to have them completely removed from their media space, it is best to just shut up and let them be, they will find someone else. Meanwhile pick your battles and slowly gradually build up stuff on the writers and voice overs and eventually discredit the whole group .

    but now, she and her daughter lashed out like they are waiting for peter to step up and blame meg for it..

    Newbs have no clue how to defend themselves.

    If you have no idea what I mean

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