WTF is Curling?

    By chance you may not know by now, here is the wiki def

    Ok I actually thought it was weight lifting. and was like ” leg lifts and squat thrusts next???”I was sick for the past two days so i laid in bed  wit hthe remote, unable to focus on anything. The tv hurt  eyes, so I listened to the tv. Curling sounded fricken Intense. I finally woke long enough to look up at what was going on.

    Um.. That’s an Olympic sport ? Really? you kidding me? did i wake up in some lame dimension? WTF.

    Is it bowling? is it horseshoes? is it shuffleboard? Well no it’s neither of those fine manly sports (lol), it’s some person pushing what looked like a spittoon or a torque converter with a handle on it down a frozen bowling lane (without  gutters) … Really, really, really fricken slow. Meanwhile two dorks skate next to the dang thing with tiny bum windshield brushes scrubbing the ground in front of the  dang “rock” so they can make it speed up or slow down as they expect… really. I am not joking with this, I can not make up something so damn stupid.

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