Scalpers and Hustlers


    Two things I hate the most when I travel to the main center of downtown Houston.

    Only thing I can think of that is my revenge to them, is to make them sit on the product they wasted their money on. They buy up tons of concert tickets and sit on the side of the road or the entrance to the stadium(s) and shovel their continuous endless stories about how they bought these tickets and have to many and would like to get rid of all of them. You would be the greatest help to them if you buy the tickets, you need them and they need to get them off their hands. The first clue that he is a scalper is the practiced look in his eye. He can tell who is walking in that area for the show just by the look in your eye, he then checks your clothing to see if you wear the attire fitting for the music or what ever is being performed at the site. I am very practiced in noting a hustler when I see one.

    Funny thing is, if I am with someone who is not as practiced as I am, they have no idea how well I have just scanned the area. Just as the hustler scans the area looking for a look in your eye, I scan the area looking for a look in your eye. There is a look of ” Oh send me a good one god, send me one that will pay ten dollars more than the last one” then there is a look of desperation ” Dear lord i am trying to make a living i will visit you every day at every church in the world if you send one willing to pay regular price” . of course if god so happens to send one, the scalper will forget his little prayer and move in to the hustle hoping god was being kind to him. sorry I know the hustles as I said I am very very well practiced. I read body language probably better than anyone I know. It’s not a gift or anything, I just worked forefront in retail for 8 years. 400+ people a day every day. If you do not know the hustlers after the first month, then you just give away the money.
    a few times I have been with women while we head to a stadium to watch a show and we plan to buy our tickets at the door. Every single time we get hit with some dude that had some tragic event in his life and needs to get the tickets off his hands. Usually it’s the worst story ever. Someone died that was supposed to go with them and just having the tickets will make the scalper sad. Great story, excellent story. If someone just died, I sure would not be outside standing around selling off their share of the belongings. It clearly was very recent, or they would have given or sold the tickets already.
    Here’s the kicker. No matter how many people are in your group, there is always one more extra ticket that he has. Why is this??? as if you don’t get it lol sorry.
    Well that extra ticket is actually about 40 tickets. He says he has one more than what is in your group because well as a scalper he is clearly a gambling man. He is gambling on the fact that you bought the tickets trying to get a deal and justify the deal with telling yourself you are helping someone in a bad time, but now you have gotten your deal, the greedy side in you is satisfied with doing all you have done and will not be purchasing the very last ticket . Now he has a reason to still be out there trying to get rid of the ticket that he in no way can get rid of now, because well, who wants only one ticket ?? So in your head he is screwed you got a deal. In his head you are a jerk so it’s ok that he charged you five bucks over fair price. Trust me he told you that the booths are all out of tickets. um, if he is selling tickets, why would he try and buy tickets? Come on people read the damn signs.
    Ok back to the women, Now I right away ignore the dude and move on. He is practiced so he tears up an eye or makes a sad face, now the woman thinks I am a jerk….. great.. I don’t care, I am still not going to drop out money to this dude who makes it harder for me to get tickets at a decent price just because he bought 20 tickets to sell at $5-$10 over the fair price and make an easy $100.

    even if he offers to sell them at $10 less than full price because the show already started, I will not be buying them from him. I will let his scalper trashiness suffer for the loss he causes everyone by doing what he does.

    This attitude upsets many women I know who have been to shows with me. It seems cold and callous. Well no, it’s not. It’s my strike back on those who greedily make life more complicated for everyone else for their gain. This person is not the performer. This person is not the guy who printed the tickets (unless they are fake, scalpers sell the same pc printed ticket to 50 people) this person is not the guy working the popcorn stand. He is just as bad if not worse, than the guy who downloads music, burns it to a cd then sells it.
    Making money off of some other person’s efforts, without making any effort other than the gamble of how many tickets to buy. Middlemen ….

    Now you have to watch out for the hustlers. I was walking with a girl and a man came up to us with two computer printed tickets. He clearly did not fit in for the venue. He was selling two pc printed tickets. I refused the tickets and the girl I was with acted as if I was the biggest jerk on earth. I ignored his bombardment of sob stories and last ditch efforts to tell us they where all out of tickets. She kept nagging me to go get the great deal and help the guy. I told her he printed those out and she gave me a “so we will look and see if the code is the same” . I saw him pull them from two separate pockets, two separate piles. Clearly each pile was of the same different code. Meaning front pocket tickets all end with the digit 56 all ticket from back pocket end with ticket 57. That way the seats are side by side. He spends $50 on two tickets, then runs to a gas station and spends two dollars on 20 copies. Then he turns around and sells a pair ten times for $5 less than full price. Only one set of those ten will actually get in the door. The other 9 pairs are screwed. but if you are broke, you will leave while he hides. If you have money you will just buy more tickets, really upset but you buy them. He then returns back to selling the bogus tickets.
    Sad thing is, I thought this girl was the smartest girl I knew. She excused it with ‘I like to take risks” . LOL!
    I was told once as a child “feed those who can not help themselves as if it is your duty by god, you will find the path to god gets easier to find.”


    I also call them Scammers.

    Never ever buy that radio stereo from the guy in the van. He is selling the biggest piece of crap that money can be wasted on.

    Watch his license plate. If his plates are from out of state, you will face a bait and switch. you will see the system from his display box, but the box you  drive off with, will be boards and bricks. If you tell him you want the one he showed you “what? you don’t want a brand new one?”.

    Really you shouldn’t have been this far into it. unless he is asking $20 for what could potentially be a $400 system. If it does not come with a warranty that  you are 100% sure will be backed, pay no more than  5% of what you suspect the value is. Just because he hands you some peice of paper that says the word warranty on it, you are not protected. read it. is there a company name? is there a company address? Is that company’s address in a location you ever heard of? is there a phone number? do you have your cell phone handy?  google the company’s name get the nmber from the website and call them. Confirm this person works there.. Ok you now have asked to many questions and probably will be getting shot by now. You really should not have talked to this person.

    The products in the truck are always just a typo from real company names. Somy electronic, Zenif, rockpord Fossygate. Do not buy that crap. All of your friends that come to your house will never be so mean as to tell you that the stuff you are showing them and saying you got a great deal on  and are excited about, is complete crap, unless they are your enemy and want to see you suffer. Or unless they are me. I will tell you. Why? because you are my friend, you did something stupid and I wish to help you better yourself. I love my friends and want only the best for them. It will hurt to see the wince, it will hurt to say “yes you got ripped off, even though you feel you did not … trust me you did and I wish I could fix this for you”. but really a friend who wants to believe something, will. Sure it will break their heart but it will better them and maybe they can warn more people about these scams.

    Count on seeing them around Christmas. Sometimes they follow you to an ATM and mug you right there on the spot.

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