Road Rage

    You’re just driving along making smooth time, you suddenly notice a clown doing 5-15 MPH slower than the speed limit. You look in your mirror and notice some dude on his cell phone slide up next to you in his over sized male compensation vehicle. You hit the gas he hits his gas. He isn’t paying attention to what he is doing (I hope). He is just going with the traffic. so you hit your brakes to slow down but he slows down also. He has no idea why you slowed, does not care, just as long as he has you next to him he knows he is doing the speed you gun it. The slow guy in front stomps his brakes and comes to a dead stop the instant the light turns yellow. So now you are sitting at a red light you could have been  passed by at the least 20 second. Of course mambo jumbo vehicle guy stopped with yall. He stopped right next to . For the entire time you wait at the light, the guy in the over-sized vehicle slowly creeps up to the light. The instant he gets to where he can stop, the light turns green. Slow guy guns it full speed through first gear then slams the car into granny gear. of course not one car is behind you, but a million cars are behind the truck/suv. Some how some magical way, the guy in the Large vehicle gives you the space you need to change lanes and get out of this boxed in frustration. You get around the large vehicle and go on with your day.


    You of all people are not allowed to have such pleasures.. You are in the middle lane but the minivan pulling out of the fast food place decides he wants the middle lane. while he searches the floor of the van for that loose french fry. You gun it  and swerve to the right to go around him. “GOT IT” he found his french fry, so now he can  assume the speed limit by hurriedly  gunning it in his soccer-mobile. Now some clown in his  Hybrid I get 50 miles to the gallon in my two seater paperweight over priced parts car pull out in the right lane and decides he gets better gas mileage if he only does 12 miles per hour everywhere he goes. Now the minivan pulls past you and what do ya know. Here comes the dude in his gas guzzling overly shiny useless piece of crap. So you bottle it and sigh a huge sigh and decide to let them both pass and you will swing far right and pass them both in a couple seconds. Big vehicle passes you so you  move far left…. Dang it… The guy you where stuck behind in the first place.

    Some people should not be allowed on the road. Actually we should be able to report that someone is a. to fast. b to slow. c and idiot. if enough people push the same button when associating to your license plate, you should be forced to take 6 weeks of drivers ed. We need that button in our cars. Where is that damn button????

    Just do the speed limit. Please? just do the speed limit, if you are going to go slow, please move all the way right. Please??????