Will You Just Shut Up For a Second

    Some people seem to like to hear themselves talk. They really have no focus or attention. What you say to them means nothing. It’s a know it all mentality that tells someone they could not care any less what you are saying because well, they heard it already and they are 20 steps ahead of you. actually it’s an inability to learn  anything greater than their current knowledge without being forced into a situation.

    It’s actually quite inconsiderate of a person to jump right in the middle of something you are saying to them and just runaway train on the conversation. Maybe it’s a lack of people who are willing to listen to what they say so they just jump right in blabbering about god knows what, just so they know their voice made a sound in someone’s ear. I really have no definite idea what it is.

    Ok for those who have been linked here, chances are that friend who sent you here thinks you need a big fat “can of STFU” (google it).

    I will tell you how a conversation goes.

    this will be labeled person 1 and person 2.

    1. Says something they have been meaning to say to you, or ask of you

    2. There is a courteous pause or a suggestive question that signals they are ready for input. you now offer your data.

    1. Thanks you for what you offered, or contests what you are saying.

    2. You listen to their reasoning as to why they disagree, you do not talk louder and begin a teaching lesson. That is how you lose a friend who came to you as a friend. After you hear what they are saying. you consider what they said and you respond.

    See how that goes? It’s not a set in stone conversation. People are the way we are. We all do stuff differently. but pretty much everyone hates the know it all blabbering fool, who does not shut up. I mean if you are holding a seminar then please by all means, runaway with the lecture. Even in a lecture you have to wait for everyone’s response or reaction. You can not learn anything until you allow others to put fourth ideas other than your own. So in all seminars and lectures, there is a moment where they always ask “any questions??”. If there is not a moment they as that, then it was a recording.

    If you keep finding reasons to just jump in while someone else is talking to you or others. and that person pauses for a moment for you to speak your mind, that person is open for a new point of view on the situation. STFU and take a moment for them to offer you something new. They did it for you. If you do not and you begin to just keep butting in yelling louder and talking over them with utter disrespect, when that person does not add anything new to dispute the situation, and they take the time to see everything you are speaking of. It clearly is because they know you are a mindless idiot and they just want to study a fool’s way of thinking. Be it for amusement, or later reference when warning others about how tacky you are (talking about people behind their back is very tacky), or just for plain ol amusement. Pay attention to the questions they ask. if you notice what you may consider “submission to your excessive mental processing”. Please keep it short, they are fading and tuning you out. I usually lose interest after the third shot of speaking my mind. Typically I will walk away with some emergency I have to attend.

    Look, if someone is going full steam right out of the gateway. You have to let them talk. Don’t jump in with a dispute. Let them go, they should have plenty to say that builds from that spot. If you wreck what they are saying by chopping it into pieces then you really lack focus and are quite immature. Back when I was a kid(14-18), it was a game that we did. To train wreck someone who is about to talk by “stumping”  them. It kind of was a way to prove we were smarter. We loved playing the game on substitute teachers.  It was almost like a battle we won. The other person did not know we were doing it so it made it easy to win. I have noticed some grown men. Actual men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who actually seem to be playing this game. I find it disrespectful and really just another way to prove that person lacks some sort of self assurance. He knows he is an idiot so he has to  prove to himself he is smart. I mean that is if he is playing the game. He clearly has no balls to challenge someone with the game, but to basically play it and not say a thing to say “hey I just beat you in a battle of stump”. I mean I really doubt that an adult would play such a game. Well I want to doubt it, but I sure have noticed some super idiots.


    first guy “Hey I was headed to the store to get me …”  Second guy butts in ” No way you can’t technically `head to a store` , but you can walk drive or ride a bicycle” first guy shrugs it off as a joke. ” I was there to buy a donut and a bag of chips, I noticed I forgot my wallet and…” second guy butts in ” you didn’t have a credit card in your shoe? see I always keep a credit card in my shoe for just in case, plus I always shop at sams AND BUY 400LBS OF EVERYTHING I GET. I MAKE SURE I AM STOCKED UP ON EVERYTHING I NEED. MAN YOU REALLY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF BETTER”.(notice he started raising his voice in defiance?). First guy scratches forehead and continues story ” well I turn around to leave when suddenly I….” second guy buts in ‘ you mean you didn’t try and ask for a store credit? ” first guy ” no” second guy ” why? you scared? do they not do that there? the stores that don’t give credit are complete crap and unfriendly they are not welcome to my money”

    If the clown would have shut up he would have heard ” I turn around to leave when I see your father. The guy that has been missing in Iraq for twenty years. He recognized me  and wanted me to give you a note he wrote, He also gave me a message to tell you he has saved up over $2.5M that he has in a safe deposit for you and the magic code is” etc etc etc. I mean you have no idea where a conversation will go if you just give it a chance.

    So please.. STFU.. Any questions?