Wrestling has been a form of entertainment for many  years. It has been called the redneck soap, for at least 20 years.

    Ok screw that. I am not going to make this look like it is more than it is. It’s wrestling!

    WWE has huge sell out stadiums,

    TNA has audiences actually cheer. Real cheers.

    WWE Has huge displays. Meaning fireworks, flashing lights, custom sound tracks.

    TNA Has a whole life time of background stories, with the Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff story and the incorporation of past knowledge of both’s fame.

    WWE Only has the McMahon history but occasionally has a hall of fame event. Very respectful.

    TNA stages are kind of dim. Completely understandable, there just is currently not enough audience. Crowd looks to be growing and getting more into it than before. much more.

    WWE stages are very well lighted up

    After watching TNA, I realize what the appeal is for John Cena on WWE. John Cena is the new guy playing the role of Kurt Angel. In someways I like the way he does it but you just have to have that twisted look of some dude that could probably change sides at the drop of a hat, like Kurt Angel. Of course  Kurt used to have the “die hard can’t lose if i really think I’m doing the right thing” Motifs.  but really, that is played up. Almost 20 years played up. So if anyone can do it right, Kurt is the only one who can actually play it up rightly.

    I also notice that Batista is getting more and more like Goldberg.  His spear, his rage after the spear where he does the “cut throat” hand motions after to the way he grabs the rope seconds later and looks to throw a tantrum. I even noticed they started calling him “the animal”. Of course the original animal is George the Animal Steele. Oh yeah, that guy with bug eyes what’s his face, edge or what ever, he does the spear also.

    I see it that the owners of WWE  do their best to either try and give the fans what they want. By assigning past finishing moves to current wrestlers, moves they know the audience goes nuts for. Sad thing is, it kind of cripples the original user of the move from ever re-signing a contract with WWE. So the original user does have an alternative. They can always go to TNA and get that place off the ground.

    TNA has brought in, within the past month or so, some real famed talent. TNA is actually getting off the ground now. Their light weight group is some really fast paced action with some clean moves. These guys are obviously and clearly working at far under the budgets they would be working at WWE. But they are actually motivated and energetic. something about signing to WWE , the wrestlers seem to move slower and act more tired, or un-motivated. I mean why would they be motivated? They made it. They are now big time, it is time to be in charge of your contract and your future, getting hurt means no income. Hey I understand that and I live by that rule. But it isn’t very entertaining.

    TNA needs The Game. It is time for him to leave WWE anyway. His role is reduced to less than champion. His role does not even hardly call for him wanting the title anymore. Maybe he is really married to Stephanie, I have no clue. He could play a big part in the uprising of  TNA. If the whole marriage thing is fake, then he needs to save his face and dignity and go do something that could push him so far forward and make a mark he never expected, by helping rebuild TNA Wrestling.

    WWE has some really good stories and back stories. I love Monday night raw. I have no interest in Friday what ever show. I like seeing the actors and stars and b rated famers step in and “host” the show. It makes for a great story line. Would be cool if some of the wrestlers would drag one of the previous hosts into the ring (like months later) and get even with them. Would help the storyline.

    They really have a huge budget at WWE. They can do some way over the top stunts and have huge events. This kind of squashes TNA in it’s spot. a couple years ago it seemed TNA had a chance to lift, but  that really seemed to  slowly wimper down to a crowd of maybe a hundred people. Now so many people cared for the Jeff Jarrod being the founder, skit. So hopefully Bischoff can get this show rolling at WCW peak levels. If WWE wanted to, they could probably buy up TNA and burn it right out of the water. Problem is, go back a few paragraphs and see that some of the originals of the finishing moves used now, and characteristics (Kurt Angel and John Cena) would conflict, so contracts could not be fulfilled and well, spike would get their pants sued .. I am sure WWE does not want those contracts.

    Thursday nights with TNA, is where the entertainment is. It is hard to watch both networks though. It’s like day and night. One is big and flashy with announcers that get you paying attention, wobbly cameras in the  back area during stories and weeks of hype. The other is just good old fashion knowledge of the event and how to get the crowd jumping and on the edge of their seat in amazement. Both are good and very entertaining, but it’s hard to call them, the same type of show.

    TNA is spike TV. We all know that Bill Goldberg is on Spike tv, on a few shows. Who knows. Maybe we will see him pop in soon. Even if it is just to “host” one episode. Who knows maybe it can be Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg to host one episode.

    Depends on what you watch it for. I seem to have found myself liking a good story and missing the explosions, but a year or two ago I was like ” what the heck happened to the action?” . So it depends on what you are looking for when it comes to picking the winner. if there can actually be a winner in this.

    TNA= In storyline I give them a 5/10

    TNA= In event and action I give them  a 10/10

    TNA= In presentation, effects and flare 3/10

    WWE= In storyline I give them a 10/10

    WWE= In event and action I give them  a 2/10

    WWE= In presentation, effects and flare 10/10