Buzzwords and the D-Bags that Use Them

    Ok. I understand people like to and sometimes feel they have to stay “in the know”. So they feel they have to compensate for their lack of original thought, by using popular phrases. See, this makes me nuts. I can not stand these (80s analogy coming lol) Flipped collar one front gold tooth, handlebar mustache greased slick with shirt unbuttoned to the third button exposing a fluff of oiled up chest hair while wearing pastel nut huggers (tight pants) and platform shoes with a fake gold watch that has a super loose chain wastes of skin, that walk around winking and pointing at you saying retarded stuff like ” Hey you are pretty cool/smart/good looking no matter what (insert name here) says about you”.  These people bug the heck out of me.

    More than that person is the spray on tan polo shirt wearing, sunglasses inside the building, everyone wants to hear my cliche story I have been telling for 15 years dilweeds who talk at the top of their voice only to repeatedly say nothing greater than ” I’m just say`in”. The whole time you are standing in the DMV.

    Closer to my number one spot of people I do not like. The guy standing in line at the local grocery store making sure everyone in the room knows that he thinks he is some sort of  butt kicking gangster thug because his whole vocabulary consists of saying “YUH” (imagine some retard with a bad speech impediment trying to deepen his voice and say  the word yeah, just as every dilhole who dresses his way tries to sound)as he talks into his $700 cell phone wearing some stuff that is as baggy as it gets (brand new) says the word “Thug” on it, and wears baggy pants (brand new) and  what ever Cheesy popular shoes he is wearing with a belt latched but not final lapped , meaning the end of the belt just flaps around. Meanwhile his pants are around his legs, not his butt, thus exposing his skid marked Fruit Of The Loom. Every tooth in his mouth Gold , ( I remember when gold teeth represented someone who lost them in fight and had enough money to replace them in style.. Now they get their perfectly good teeth filed all the way down and gold drilled in on top). 30+ year old grown man, probably dressing more hip than his  14 year old child. Some of them seem to like Chia Pets because they say “CHIA” all of the time.

    And finally. The more current popular one. ” It is what it is” . That one you hear it at least 5 times a day now.. Unless you live in a box and think everyone near you is nuts. Of course it is what it is. What the hell was going through your mind when you decided ” well I don’t have anything to fill in this dead space of talking so I will use ‘it is what it is’ as a filler so it makes me look smarter because i am capable of speaking longer”. It’s that same d-bag that walks around saying ” and things of that nature”.  or “Really??? really” after everything to leave you wondering what to say next because he said the magical phrase that leaves you  puzzled, questioned and stumped.

    People, grow up. Join the rest of the world your age who looks at you like you  have spent way to much time stalking the playground. You need to speak for yourself and be yourself.

    Most of all, grow up will ya?

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