Lunch At Pei Wei

    Great asian food place on Fm 1960 in Houston

    You can Google it yourself.

    Best meal I had in a while.

    When you walk in you see a wall on your left  with six foot digital menus. Either the menus kept changing or my memory really sucks. You walk right up to the counter and place your order, pay your total and get your drinking cup and a number, then find a table and wait for someone to bring you your order. This kills the whole idea of a tip for me. I hate not tipping when someone brings me stuff, but I paid with credit. and well I had no idea what I was in for. So I was not prepared.

    I get my food and turn to see a small dining area. The place looked as if it used to be a barbecue place. Lots and lots of brown wood looking stuff.

    The Smoked  Korean Beef with fried rice. Amazing. Did not taste like you think Asian food to taste. The flavor was a bit smoked. Greens cut perfect  so you don’t have to fold them when you shovel them in your mouth. A bit much on the chives though. The sweet and sour was  home made. Hade a hint of what seemed like Tabasco and a dash of vinegar. Had to be vinegar, my sinus kept bursting with every bit. It was worth it though. Together that was a nice mix. As far as I noticed, not one Asian person in the place. Not one.

    I have to give this place a score that only I can comprehend because I am not certified at anything in food judgment so don’t bet your life on it  9/10

    I really enjoyed the meal.

    Oh p.s.

    Someone very near by got the chicken fried rice and was not amused, said it had no flavor.  I will surely not get that, I will go back for more of the spicy Korean Beef again.

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