Quit Arguing With Your Kid

    Show them.

    Of course your kid thinks they are a know it all. because they stump you with stupid left hook retorts that puzzle you. You hold back all the stuff you want to say because your kid could be devastated from some idiotic reaction from you so you hold back your anger and walk away. What has your kid learned ??? nothing. Ok so you tell your kid to go to their room for arguing with you. what did your kid learn?

    Nothing. Why is your kid a know it all? Because she/he feels as if they just beat their predecessor. So they must not be wrong.

    The very instance an argument is engaged, the chance of better educating your child, is thrown out the window. Arguing is not an option. You are an adult and will only seem childish and foolish. your mind no longer works in that way. Your best safest  and most sure way to assure that your child does things properly, is to show them the right way before their is an encounter. If you wait till there is a debate or an argument, it is hard as hell. Nothing is harder than having someone stand over your shoulder telling you are doing it wrong. If you start doing it their way while still showing them the right way, you will have a big nasty result.  One easy way is to ask them to show you how they do it. Then when they are done show them how you do it and ask them if they can help you get similar results as theirs, without you having to reconfigure your whole method. Worst case, you have two people with a really awesome way of doing something. If your kid is not wrong but just does it different, don’t  shrug and assume that is good enough.. Heck learn from what your kid did and show them the mods you have made to his/her method.

    Ok that was far fetched. Hope you hung in there.

    Ultimatums do not work. Your kid is testing their limits. They will test your ultimatums. So that is pointless. The only thing you can give them is factual natural ultimatums that can not be changed. Like gravity and oxygen. don’t threaten to turn off their cell phone. Just wait till you need to save a buck for something they want and turn the cell phone off. do not threaten to turn it off. Just do it. When they flip out tell them you will turn it back on when you can afford it. assure them that turning it back on now is out of your budget and this was the only choice you had. after whatever purchase is made that you are saving money for, is complete, turn the cell phone back on.

    This will teach your kid that choices have to be made and that just by saying something can be done does not mean it can. Plus next time it comes around to having to cut back on budget, your kid is going to brown nose like the guy at work who you are certain is going to make management .. lol.

    If worse comes to worse, hold your kid down and pass gas on the back of their neck. Don’t talk, don’t argue, just win.