Vampire Diaries Verses Moonlight

    The Channel in Houston Is CW.

    Vampire Diaries

    I have been watching Vampire diaries for a few months now. This show is dark. It’s quite gloomy but super emotional. You see people (characters)  who have lived for many generations in secrecy. Some are not the animalistic freaks we have always heard about vampires being. Some are not near as polite. So the show is not gory or scary. Down side is it already seems like the show ran it’s course. There is not a whole lot it can do from here out.


    Moonlight seems more like the 80s show Miami Vice meets 90210 with vampires. It seems a bit like some old 80s show and cheesy one liners gone HD tv. It is interesting but in no way what I expected it would be. Stakes don’t kill vampires they just paralyzes them. Ok another show that changes vampires again. The contact lens white eyes, You can see the ring of the edge of the contacts dang it! Daylight does not bother them They sleep in cold places, dark is not the goal, just a common product.

    Between the two. I have to give it to Diaries.

    But I am certain that after a few weeks from now and Diaries gets pulled from the line up, the only choice will be  Moonlight.

    Moonlight changed to much for me to even be interested. and the actors are kinda second rate. Acting on Diaries is ten times better. Settings on Diaries is ten times better.

    So the win is Vampire Diaries

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