False Sense of Pride

    It’s complicated for me to explain what a false sense of pride is but I will give it a swing.
    Let’s think more like these are people who have convinced themselves that some status or level of respect in their life is heightened by some secret shortcut trick instead of actually doing anything of value to earn it or deserve it. If you just need a short description of “false sense of pride” just look up the word “poser”. There are a few examples below if you want a laugh.

    Here are a few types of “False Sense of Pride” Major offenders that I can think of. (feel free to add some in the comments area. The best ones will be moved up and your username will be credited).
    You might know someone like one of these.

    False Sense of Pride

    • Your boss Masculine : because you ask permission and say yes sir he thinks he is physically intimidating as apposed to just being the dude that says ” yeah you will not be staying for another paycheck”
    • Trainer IQ : because they have something they teach you, they instantly think they are smarter than you and have to try and explain every dang thing in the world to you.
    • Rich guy sexy: He knows damn well that he had to compete with you an average income fella, who has more charisma and physical appeal to women, so he continually brags about his possessions or some really huge lavish trip. He is certain she likes him for him. Too bad she will be doing the pool boy and the pizza guy and the local mechanic regularly.. something has to make up for that personality, lack of appeal and genetically small….. body parts.
    • Pretty Girl Correct: She believes that everything she says is the be all end all of correctness and can not be argued. She does not hang out with women “because they’re stupid”. She is just stupid enough , not to realize that people only agree with her to get in her pants. Cuz god forbid you disagree. You’d be the only one in the neighborhood not banging the stupid hotty.
    • Stubborn correct: The stubborn tool that will not agree with anything you say even if it’s about gravity. It makes him correct if you just give up.
    • In presence of pretty girl guy:¬† If he hears you disagree with her, he backs her. because he thinks his howdy duty looking self is going to get to boink her for coming to her aid. Even if it is about YOUR NAME.
    • Tattoo muscles: I got this tattoo that wraps around my bicep and says ” I have muscles look at my pretty picture” because it meant something emotionally. Clearly.
    • Large Vehicle Bulge : Little guy with little parts and a huge need for compensation buys a big flappy plastic version of a 4×4 at a ridicules price (in comparison to it’s usefulness). He tailgates like a madman and cut’s people off in traffic. Has a kick down ladder to exit his truck and a safety rope.
    • Customer’s always right:Someone who finds humor in giving someone in retail a hard time.
    • Possessions charisma: has no useful point in any conversation but when people notice he is talking¬† pointlessly, he talks about his possessions.
    • Fat guy tough: I have no idea why they think all that mass is intimidating. even though I do know a couple jolly people. Fat is not muscle. It’s a sign of excessive exhaustion and a low endurance.
    • UFC Shirt and Mohawk Over night tough guy: usually a fat guy who finally checks to see how he looks with a goatee, you know something in this world has got to work for him, so he loads up on UFC shirts and cuts himself a dandy Mohawk, instant badass.
    • Study Jerk: The clown that gets pwned publicly so he spends the next week studying some obscure useless crap to pull it out on you in public and in all circumstances he has to yell “EWWW Burned you”
    • Computer Trendies: They have no idea what they are talking about so they quote an actual advertisement. These guys are like possessions guy. Will argue in the face, if he has to get the brochure to prove it.
    • Me make noise and talk loud randomly:The guy that has to make random noises “Invalid display of aggression”. Does not realize that you are not flipping out on him because you are not sure of a creative way to do it without him running to tattle on you.
    • Tailgate guy:A dude that drives any vehicle and thinks to himself “They think I am a police officer because my car looks sort of like a patrol vehicle”.Or whatever that guy is thinking. No… maybe they just needed to turn or wanted out of the way if the idiot riding unsafely close to them.
    • Impatient : Person standing in any line, sighing and grumbling. Anyone who hurries to get that person served, is just sick of hearing the whining.
    • Mad Dog : The guy who acts angry and tries to stare people down, for what ever short cumming he has. It boosts his pride. They usually defaul t to this look without being angry. Just to start out on their “tough guy” look.
    • Bitter bluff : Mad dogs people that seem to know more about a topic than him. If he acts angry and they shut up, then he feels he knows more.
    • Testy : Person that seems to get away with being a jerk. Sees zero resistance from the regular public so he continues to test and see how much he gets from society by acting like a dillhole. Has nothing to back that up. They never do. No one seems to have to have time to deal with them or the repercussions of putting them in their place. No one feels it is their duty.
    • Practiced look: usually a look of disbelief or angry or offended etc. Some guys use this so often, they instantly put this look on their face when a person who intimidates them, walks in the room. Even when there has been no previous interaction.



    1. Alisha | |

      The tough guy overnight reminds me of the account’s alter ego: You know who I am talking about. The guy who makes 6 figures a year in a suit and tie and is terrified to walk into an Ice House – so he bought an overpriced, oversized, overly noisey motorcycle and some matching leathers that have the Harley logo printed all over them and grows a 5 o’clock shadow starting Wednesday night so he’s scruffy enough to hope on his hog and cruise the streets and pretend he’s an outlaw. ~sigh~

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