Shipping Container ECO Homes

    Flipping around youtube, I stumbled into a large collection of videos that people uploaded where they have converted a shipping container into a livable space.

    I love this stuff. If you knew where I have been, you would see why I enjoy this. Because I have seen some people who were without a home, living in conditions that were so off the grid and so far from being desirable, these little project houses would be a massive condo for them.

    I really like the creativity of doing this. I can’t imagine though how someone would get these containers to their location to use them. I do know people who need these and could probably do some crazy stuff.
    I would love it if fema or government housing would developments would use this idea. I mean you are not going to try and bring a hotty home to show her your tin foil house. So you might actually go find a job that pays more so you can live in a house that you prefer. Being poor should not be punished but it also should not be the gold prize of life.
    Just think, these homes are made from shipping containers. Small but look great, and you can always spend another 2g and expand.

    And Videos that are not Containers, but are more of the money saver houses. A bit more pricey than the containers but less work and well, in the end i am certain the prices break pretty even.

    Small house designs