Back To The Future Remake – Rumors

    Well our internet clown has recently stated he has inside information that Justin Bieber is to play the roll of Marty McFly in the remake of Back To The Future.

    Claim is also available on Examiner and Prez Hiltiton or what ever. I see nothing on IMDB or anything in a WIKi. I know neither are worthy of reference. That is the point I am making. Back to the future Is good for what it is. There are no time line cars to let you know for sure what year it was filmed. But it does say a few times that “Home” is 1985. So the movie is good for a few more years. They would have to do a very serious change to the movie to make it actually worth watching. It can not be some kiddy cutesy show, because well that’s what the original was. So I mean it would take some serious change with lots of detailed CGI and many off the charts effects.
    I do not see Back to the Future 1.1 being worth watching. There is no replacement for Micheal J Fox. Back to the Future is Micheal J Fox.
    So is this a real? I have no clue but I am skeptical of what it’s results will be if it is true. but I see nothing to prove validity. i have to mark this one as “RUMOR Only”

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