Road Warrior Remake

    If Road Warrior was to be announced as a remake, would you  go see Road Warrior?

    If you are willing to see a remake of road warrior, who would you like to see replacing Mel Gibson as the lead role?

    Will Smith would actually be perfect for the Gyo guy. I would like to see the movie with Cameron diaz as the lead. Show the same story but instead of the wife and child getting smashed, it’s husband and child. the whole thing is is just a wish. So wishes can be anything.

    Would you watch this movie ? I loved the original but it missed stuff. I would like to see the build up and the rise of the bad guys, I would love to see the whole story fill in the blanks to the original. I know there was a mad max before and a thunder dome after. but those two movies do not help road warrior make complete sense. What ever happened to the little retarded monkey boy with the boomerang ? Can he be the lead in the” Mad max 4″ ?

    I would just like to see more of Mad Max. I feel like there is a ton more that can be done with this. Downside is, the first three show these seventies and eighties cars all metal and stuff still functioning. Those cars are all almost gone today. The show would have to  show someone walking past a current plastic car that runs and laughing saying “bahhaa, I would die in that” and heading top a junk yard to slap together a working machine. You know, man it up.

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