Long Horn Rod Run Old Town Spring TX

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    Took a trip today to Old Town Spring to see the Long Horn Rod Run in Old Town Spring TX. The ad said over 500 classic cars to be seen.
    Here are the photos from the Classic Car Event in Old Town Spring. With the interface here, it’s easier for me to do the photos this way. Scroll to the bottom of the page for image navigation after you click into a car photo.

    See the Classic Cars

    I saw maybe 200-300 cars total. So I started taking pictures of the shops.
    This was a great event. huge turn out. The streets where crowded with car lovers. The Dj blaring the whole time. He sounded very familiar. Shirts upon Shirts for sale for the classic car event. We are talking old Cobra, GTO, Trans Am Camaro Mustang, Chevelle, Anything SS or GT, that car was there. So many model T Cars. There was a radio Playing off the Cowboys Vs Texans Game.
    The little shop owners, so nice.

    Coffee at the Java Drip, two pretty ladies running the place were very nice and offered any answers asked. After drinking a cup of Starbucks an hour before, the Java drip is actually a nice relief.

    Java Drip Coffee and Sandwich
    Java Drip Cafe
    Magic Shop

    Great Coffee

    If you want to see the Mustangs Camaros, Chevelles, Model T cars and cars for sale you have to visit Classic Car Event in Old Town Spring

    To see a huge selection of images of classic cars.

    If you want a list of all of the shops in Old Town Spring See the Official Old Town Spring directory of shops.

    Fun event. Everyone was so nice. Except one dude saw me walking around with the camera taking pictures. He was with his kids and his wife. He said to his family ‘ Yeah that’s one of those guys that have a hundred pictures of cars on his myspace because he thinks girls will become his friend” His wife said ‘ No baby, he is from some website, look at his shirt” . LOL. He looked like he was tired and had been walking around forever. Grumpy fart. lol. Yes I still use myspace, and yes I do like it when women become my friend 🙂 .

    Here is my favorite car from the whole show. My dream car.

    73 Firebird

    Not one car at the whole event had my attention like that fire bird. I love anything 1972-1974


    I had to post about this on the Camaro Z28 Board.

    Sunday, I was looking for something to do. I figured I would go to the flea-market Trader’s Village In CyFair. The closer I gto to Trader’s village, The uglier the weather looked. So I turned around and headed back home. I remembered there is a little town north of Houston where they kind of role play as an old timey city. in that area there are a bunch of shops. So I figured i would go park my car somewhere and walk around and see what I can look at, maybe even what I could buy :-).
    I pull into Old Town Spring and see the roads are all closed and about 2000 people walking around Banners hanging all over the place. Scratched my head and figured “HEH guess this place got really popular” followed by ” Oh neat, there goes an old model T. Cool” . Park my car in the grass and start walking. I walked past the train track and hear some announcer yelling something like “OLD TOWN SPRING” the rest sounded all muffled by what sounded like 5 really killer sounding cars. ” Oh cool, better walk faster before they leave”.
    Turns out there was a car show. A classic car show.
    Ok now I am drooling. Walked into a coffee shop and got me a coffee, and scuttled out

    and took some pictures of the classic cars

    May favorite car of the show was the red 73 Firebird
    Second favorite was the ford done right

    Look closely at the motor.

    I was not even close to prepared for this. So you guys have to know this was a complete accidental find to stumble into this car show event :-).

    If there are any Camaro Fans out there, See the Camaro Z28 Forums.

    See the Classic Cars


    1. Dakota | |

      Glad to see you had a good time at Rod Run. I am an employee at Drip and it was our Grand Opening weekend! I am very glad to hear you liked it! Thank you and have a great week!

    2. TruXter | |

      That is a pretty cool coffee shop you guys have. That coffee was really good.
      Thank you.
      You have a good week also.

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