Snap on Smile

    You know. I have no idea why this was not thought of a while back.

    Actually I am certain it has. I can imagine that’s how we got our vampire teeth as children on Halloween.

    but here is the concept of Snap on Smile. You go to the dentist, get measurements or a full on imprint of your bite, then they send your information to the crew that makes snap on smile. That crew builds you a bright white removable cap for all of our teeth and then they ship them to your dentist.

    As a wise warning to people who might have bad or simi bad teeth. If the dentist thinks he or she could get more money… (Oh wait let me say this proper as society likes people to say this as if we are in some evil lawsuit controlled world). If it would be in your best interest to pay up to $10g+ for an alternative route, count on that being the option you are offered. You have to think of the dentist being the same guy who sells new cars. You gotta get it done, you have to pay for it no matter what price he offers. You have to. Good thing you got insurance right? To bad they don’t make car dealership insurance. Well I guess they do, but you gotta get hurt to collect. Ok I am rambling, more on doctors and insurance here.

    Really I would like to see the Snap on Smile company or one just like it to open up it’s own location somewhere so people can get a good custom fit set of bites so they can dodge the whole set of fees and doctors bills from a dentist visit. or heck they just ship you some mud, you bit it and send it back. along with the mud, or putty or what ever, they send a few books to read and a few charts to fill out yourself so you can cover specific requests of information so you can get an exact proper fit. That would fricken rock.

    But no, you have to see a dentist and gamble getting your teeth yanked out or a huge root canal on a bunch of your teeth. And you have to deal with ” I recommend ” blah blah . Of course it probably is in your best interest to fix that rott in your mouth. So you have to go that route.

    The point I am trying to get at is they are pushing and suggesting that it will help a jacked up smile. When actually it will not help people with rot and it will not help people who need braces. At best Snap on Smile will be a temporary fix when you crack a good tooth and have to be in public soon and have no time to go to the dentist or it is a Holiday. but they charge a “low introductory first payment of just $49”. That in it’s self makes my stomach hurt from laughing way too hard. under the conditions that you would want to use Snap on Smile, I don’t see any good reason that you would have to make payments on the thing. Payments that are stated as “low introductory price”. Really? This price goes up?

    This just seems like it will only motivate people to do nothing at all.

    it seems the proper legal and healthy targeted market of people who could benefit from Snap on Smile would beĀ  the vein and wealthy who go through the time consuming sizing and fitting for “just in case they crack a tooth” because if you crack a tooth and are at the dentist trying to pay $2g and going through the fitting, you may as well just fix it.


    1. Kimberly B. | |

      Hmmmmmm? You writing shows you have prior expierence with a dentist who
      has the Snap On Smile as an option to help out a persons self esteem. An you are writing from your own small point of view, with no facts to back it up.
      I am currently under care to receive a snap on smile. I have had major health issues for the last 15 years. An by the grace of god. I have been completely healed. But with my past illness an all of the treatments I endured. The vomiting that was caused from being ill. Ate all the enamel off my top teeth. My teeth are not rotten I have all of them an also no cavities. So u saying this device is for rotted tooth people. Your perspective is one sided. My dentist is a very caring indevidual. An just so you know. Before they do the castings an molds an do all kinds of testing for your proper bite ratio. They do a MRI of your head an a deep root cleaning. If you have any issues that could lead into tooth decay they are fixed before your smile arrives. Then like any other dentist you return every 6 months for teeth cleaning.
      You act as this is a bad thing? My snap on smile including all the tests above an my snap on itself is costing me $2,647.00. Compaired to 23,000.00 for implants. My dentist didn’t push for the most expensive option. He wants me to feel great about my smile. Your sooooooo wrong about this. It’s a blessing not a rip off. I would never be able to afford 23,000. But for 2,000. I am going to gain a ton of self esteem. An did you know this device protects your teeth from future damage. Enough said. I am beyond thankful for this product.

    2. TruXter | |

      Kimberly. Please read the first two lines.
      Now, I can’t help but wonder why you would pay so much for a thing like that and go through so much radiation as an mri, instead of just getting them fixed? $2300 is quite a bit of money for some which does not fix your issue.

    3. Uriah Heep | |

      To have my teeth repaired I am looking at $10.000. I was offered this as an alternative as I do not have that kind if $, I can have the teeth pulled and use this for $3 grand. So I am researching this to see if it will work. If it does I will get it. I am disabled and living on a small pension and Social Security and don’t have 10 grand. I don’t need an MRI and for your information MRI’S do not use radiation they use extreme high guiss magnetic imaging. I don’t know if I will do this till I research it But If you don’t even know how an MRI works I see your comments as ignorant and thus worthless.

    4. TruXter | |

      Or you can have teeth pulled and get dentures $1500

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