People Who Complain About Airport Security

    People Who Complain About Airport Security

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    I read a post on Nytime about how some dude “didn’t have a dandy time” at the airport.
    I chuckled a little at the goofiness of such a serious post. Then I did a bit of searching to see what all I could read, on how bad this is.I read the responses where people said the Security there is like mall cops on an ego trip. (No,you idiots. These are under paid, over threatened people who have an exact protocol to follow or they get fired. Don’t raz or joke about them being paid very little. The job would be worth it if less people like you stood in their line.) One guy said in the comments ” They will laugh at your parts” I have to laugh at that statement. He must have something to hide. Short comings and he blames everyone else for them 🙁
    Turns out. one huge “LOL”.
    Look folks you have choices and alternatives to this “inconvenience“. Number one choice, don’t fly that airline. If all airlines do it, then don’t fly.Take a car, take a boat, take a train, take a bus, walk, ride a bike, ride a skateboard Move to the city your travel most to for work. If the city you work in is not in this country, then well.. maybe that country is better for you. You certainly don’t pay taxes here, or you would be working here.
    Do you go to wataburger and tell them you want a big mac and then run home and write your experience? Okay wait. Let’s take it closer home. Do you go to a gas station and flip out they have cameras all over the store, and then complain about how it’s against your rights and makes you uncomfortable? Gas stations get robbed, people die in gas stations. That camera needs to be there. You need their service, Deal with it. IT’S NOT YOUR BUILDING!
    People complaining about airport security are straight up morons.
    These have to be the same morons who say “George Bush knew the WTC was going to get attacked and he did nothing about it”.  See, we all know that pantie wastes like this are the same jack wads that would flipped the heck out if there was no broadcast news of a threat that the public knows of, yet the government searches them. “You are searching me for a crime that has not been committed? waaaaa… my rights!!!”
    These are the same Crying retards who say it’s an invasion of our rights for the government to listen in to our phone calls, yet they think it is okay for an internet service provider to give up the I.P. address of it’s users  who are suspected hackers, so the government can snoop packets and files as they slide past.. If they aren’t the same people, then sure enough there is an equal amount of them.
    Don’t complain about Airline security. Do not complain about retail security. It’s a must and you have alternatives. Go buy your own plane or STFU!.
    Is it okay if I get out of line to kick some whiny clown in the face for being upset about safety procedures?
    Don’t say you are being treated like a criminal. You clearly are no criminal, unless being a crying B$%^H is a crime.
    Do the searches do the scans and be happy that you are going to make it to your chair, and you will get off the airplane on your own freewill and you will experience your vacation and you will live to do it all again when you go home.

    FYI This Image is fake. The XRAY SCANNER Is not that detailed. They inverted the color.

    Full Body Scanner Image

    The color is inverted from an actual pornographic image. Click the image to see the original beside it. She was already naked for half of the pictures, So that scanner result is false and misleading trying to get you tards to protest the scanners. And you fell for it and are still falling for it today.

    Favorite quote: Air Marshal asks” have you ever seen the movie Forest Gump?” and the other guy says yes ” Well he was pretty stupid and he ran all the way across the country, I’ve got faith in you”.


    And yes, the death to crash ratio of Commercial flight from and with in America have decreased, while it has increased from and in other countries.
    You need to ask yourself why. But then again, no one really sees you as intelligent person to ever ask a reasonable question anyway. Just sit in your nest with mouth open making as much noise as you can. Someone will come feed your fat butt to shut you up.
    If you made it this far, here are some pictures of items confiscated from passengers at airports.
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    1. Bob | |

      So, how far will you go? What if the next step of the TSA “enhanced” pat-down is a cavity search. Are you okay with getting A probe each time you fly? It’s not far-fetched: people have been hiding drugs there for quite a while. How long before terrorists start hiding explosives there?

    2. TruXter | |

      My grandfather taught me something really cool when I was little. I hit myself in the leg and told my grandfather ‘ Hey it hurts when I hit myself in the leg”
      His response was the first Eye opener I ever had. He said ” Well quit hitting yourself in the leg”. I must have been three.

      What that means is, if you get probed every time you get on a plane, and do not like getting probed. Would it not be wise if you stop flying on a plane?

    3. Travelsonic | |

      So basically, instead of understanding the points being made in opposition to the TSA and their current practices, you can only resort to strawmen, name calling, and other intellectually dishonest tactics.

      No wonder the discussions on this matter turn into bedlam, people like you throw the kerosene in he furnace from the start.

    4. TruXter | |

      Really the discussion on this topic is and has been “OMFG IM GETTING VIOLATED MY RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY”. and well, no one has taken the time to speak the other side.
      I am surprised you didn’t say “redneck” somewhere in there. Which is usually the strongest offensive statement someone has while they are arguing for some pointless cause and people appose them.
      Get on the plane and be happy you made it where you were going.
      Or don’t get on the plane. No one is forcing you on a plane.
      Just ask yourself, ” when was the last time a commercial airplane crashed from the United States”.
      Been a while, hasn’t it?
      Now think back through the years. Planes have been crashing at a rate of at least one a year.
      Not one plane has crashed in the past 4 years. Why do you think that is?
      I really do not know. I can speculate, but fact is, something seems to be working and well, sorry for your inconvenience but people are alive. If it saves you time for people to die, then you might want to think about your own moral code a little bit…….

    5. just wow | |

      no crashes because of security guards in the airport and not on the plane? wow. just don’t fly, well maybe you haven’t heard of VIPR (violating rights on trains, buses, setting up car stops). hopefully your next plane crashes.

    6. TruXter | |

      Considering the statistics, it wont. Unless you bleeding hearts get your way.

    7. TruXter | |

      Of course you post this just the day before another commercial plane crashes full of passengers, that left the ground from another country, which happens to not have the same security features we have.

      does that help you prove your point more ? or less?

      also, your rights are not being taken when you are given the option to use or not use the service.

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