Why is Cheating So Wrong

    what is a cheater

    Why is it wrong to cheat on your wife,boyfriend,girlfriend or husband? Why does it have to ruin a relationship when you cheat?
    Why is infidelity so wrong? What does it give the person who does it? How can someone be so mindlessly cruel to the person they claim to love?

    Infidelity, known as cheating, breaking rules, betrayal and disrespect to the other person you have agreement of standards with.

    The biggest issue of a cheater is the simple fact that the person who is betraying the other person, is ; a liar, a deal breaker and a cheat. Those are some of the biggest unforgivable things you can do to make a friend dislike you or a company fire you if you did those things to them. So yes infidelity is bad for the one you love. What makes this bad is knowing that the cheater is doing something that the other person is not going to like so the cheater lies to them so  much that it is as if the cheater thinks they are brainwashing the other.

    One of the oldest phrases about the morals of not telling a lie is “one lie leads to another”. When you consider that phrase to be a pretty good one, think of how many lies a person has to tell when they live with the person they are cheating on. Lies such as; what the cheater did, what the cheater did before the cheater did it, why the cheater did it, why the cheater did the thing that coincides with it, why the cheater did do this-or-that and why the cheater don’t want to do this or that. So everything that person does we can go ahead and consider it a lie. Not one thing the cheater says should ever be trusted. If 40% of every day is something that person should by all means be lied about. Then the other 60% is wasted on lying about the earlier 40%. So everything you understand about that person, is their imagination mixed with what ever story you bought it to be. and yes some of the stuff the cheater will tell you is so stupid, you can’t help but say “no way I love someone that dumb”. Yeah you do. Sad thing is, the whole idea that being a compulsive liar is fun, cool, skilled, witty,or normal Is as stupid and diluted by their own insanity as it can get.

    Signs of infidelity

    (These signs are simplistic, as if you are dealing with the stupidest most moronic moron, no one is so stupid as to use all of these)

    Mad Dog – If you ask the cheater where they are going, or where they came from, they bark off at you with uncalled for arguing. This is hopes that you will be willing to prevent losing the love of your life by dropping the subject. Or that you are too lazy to care so much about it to fight. Or that you are a punk.
    Empty gifts – out of the blue the cheater gives you a gift but it is nothing in relation to what you do and you have no idea why YOU were given such an item. Means you found this item and the excuse is that it was for you. Ex: you are a vegetarian and you came home early to find a meal made for you and the cheater, candles, wine, steak etc.
    Birth Control Change – finding contraceptive material while you and your new spouse are trying to have a baby. For the guys she suddenly wants you to use a condom. Means she is with more than one person and if she gets pregnant, there would be a bit much confusion.
    Actually if a condom suddenly comes up in an already long term relationship, someone might fear a spread of some disease. Which means someone is with a lot of people. Be it your partner, or their additional partner.
    Or you just found his/her stash of contraceptives. “Yeah I wanted to surprise you with a variety of new ideas” blah blah.. or whatever lie.
    Disrespectful friends and/or Family/coworkers This would be the spouse’s family or friends coworkers. They just suddenly treat you like a chump, or talk about how predictable you are. This means they know and with knowing how you are getting snowed over like this, they have no respect for you anymore.
    Bad Story Memory – From time to time the partner when in a good mood is sharing a cool story with you but has to ask ” Did I already tell you this story?”. Means they have already told someone they hold close to them as they do you. They are so deep in the other relationship (and being lost between excessive lies and reality), you and the other person they love, are kind of blending into one now. ” Did I tell you what happened to me today?”. and you just got home.
    Dreams stop – The cheater stops telling you about their plans, hopes, dreams. This relationship is about to end. Or they wish it would and you are no longer worth spending that breath on.
    Sudden Change of subject – You just came to something the cheater knows will get them busted so they change the subject to something way off, so you do not ask much, don’t look in a certain direction (probably a condom wrapper on the night stand).
    Psychiatrist – When a person tells you that you are “too insecure”. They are the ones that are giving you the most reason to be insecure. The part of it that makes you most insecure, is that you keep trying with them instead of raising your head and moving on.

    More on the signs to tell “Is she Cheating on you?” .

    You did not make the cheater cheat. The cheater did it for thrill, did this to feel sexier about their self,for change and to feel a sense of relationship power. To the cheater they feel as if they are controlling more things and as if they have better control of things if they can handle the crazy moments that come about while they are cheating on you and you seem to notice something odd, but they lie to keep things as they were. These people know they are chaotic disorganized and really have no plans or hopes they just wing things as they go and figure they will work things out on the fly. These people are scrambled and emotionally useless (Though since they hold this together and regular everyday tasks, they feel as if they are organized at a greater level than regular people). What you have known or what you thought you knew about the cheater is a lie to make them seem like more of a person you would spend time with. The time you have spent with them is a waste. There is no coming back to that. Because what you thought was a relationship was nothing but their lie and your imagination telling you what was actually going on. The best the memory of your relationship would be good for is to write a book about the relationship you thought you had and write it off as a love story to be shelved in the fiction area. That girlfriend or boyfriend did not exist. At all, there was just a mixed up weirdo playing the role of your love, for a little while.

    Infidelity is nowhere near love. Infidelity can not be cured. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    So would you know if your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you? Many people have no idea their wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on them, until something drastic happens. Typically by that time, everyone you know, already knows and felt it was not their duty to tell you that you are being cheated on. How do people get that way? No clue how a relative or a so called friend could say “hey the new boyfriend/girlfriend’s name is…”. Of course if you are in what you thought was love, it will be hard to take the information of a cheater, from someone who is not your love. and we all know that a guy who is in love with a woman who is with another man, will sometimes tell the woman her boyfriend is cheating on her, when he actually is not. And an ex-girlfriend will tell the new girlfriend that she is with the man, when she actually was not. and vice versa. It can be hard to take that information in when it happens. but you have to at least consider the chances of truth when the information is handed.

    Guys, ladies.
    Cheating does not prove you have outwitted or are smarter than anyone.
    It does not start your process of upgrading your relationship.
    It means you can not be trusted. It means you are s41t of a person. It means that no matter how much of your little secret foolproof plan you have, you are still a piece of s41t.
    And when you snap at someone for asking, you are obvious. When you change the subject, you are obvious.
    Just f^7king break up before they show just how p1$sed off at you they are, and the piece of s41t you’re banging could be at serious risk.
    Even if you doubt it. Even if your plan seems foolproof. You will be caught. This is not some lie that can be maintained 24/7
    This is a person being true to you. Not a person you have to seek revenge on.
    Or hell, tell them, so they can get laid too. Maybe he/she gives less of a f^7k about you than you think.
    Every liar has a tale, Some have a few tales, Idiosyncrasies they seemingly are unaware of.
    Possibly their go to body functions when they lied as a child, or whatever.
    If you are with someone enough, you notice the tales. And when that tale appears at a bad time. Your red flags should be flying.

    Like when you’re with a game player you’ll spot them right away they will tend to tell you that everything and I mean everything is either misinformed or incorrect it’s their out later when you call them out

    At this point, friends/neighbors are all useless. Your friends knew and didn’t want to “get caught up in the mess” (they have their own drama), his/her friends are useless because they have been the alibi this whole time for everything.

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    1. Cheaters Suck | |

      Cheaters are mindless morons with no grasp of the actual concept of a relationship. They fail and comprehending the purpose in life so they in turn try to out smart you with their crooked ways. It’s like going to an old folks home to play poker with a bunch of alzhiemers patients. No telling who or what those old people used to be capable and no honor or respect.

    2. You know who | |

      This is all so true. I just have to add the part where they accuse you of cheating repeatedly just to get you off track & displace feelings that they have to know will eventually rise to the surface again. They try to make you believe you are the crazy one. Some of these cheaters are surprisingly masters of warping your own reality into believing them & making you think that you are the one being unreasonable about asking why they are 3 hours late from work. In the end, you learn to always trust your own instincts. Intuition, gut feelings are given to us for a reason. Listen to them. I have ignored them from time to time in the past just to realize I should have listened to them all along. Ahhh the joys of relationships…

    3. TruXter | |

      I can’t call them masters, maybe more like lucky that you accept what they tell you.

      And no it does not take skill to be stubborn in a lie. if they want their lie to elude your reality, they have to insist they are telling the truth. Ever watch Maury Povich ? They get busted lying by the lie detector and they still insist they are telling the truth.
      1/2 the time, the spouse or loving one will take them back because they promise it will never happen again. That person’s word is worthless, so that promise is complete crap. lol.
      Love is shared.
      Love is a reaction.
      Love is an action.
      Real love, true love, you can’t even eat without the other without wondering if they are okay, and they are the same way about you.

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