I Think My Cat has Another UTI

    I Think My Cat has Another UTI

    Three years ago my cat had a urinary tract infection. I was posting updates “My cat Has UTI” as I saw them. I had no idea what I was typing , and I typed a bunch of misunderstood quotes on there. I have since then gone back and fixed these issues.

    But now, my cat is wandering around crying with a swollen belly squatting and shaking like crazy as he strains to urinate. I would take the cat to the Animal Emergency Room, but last time I took him the lady treated me like I was some sort of hypochondriac (by proxy). and then the Er lady charged me $150 sent me away with some antibiotics for the cat. The reason she treated me that was because they had my cat in a cage with that recycled newspaper kitty litter. and they waited hours for my cat to urinate so they could inspect it. For one thing, my cat has no idea what the heck he is standing in, it just feel crummy and as far as he knew, he was locked in a cage with no litter anywhere. He doesn’t use that stuff, My cat has no idea what that stuff was. So of course he didn’t try and urinate. So they blast my cat in the stomach with some inflammation suppressor (a shot) and hands me some little pills to give him. Ever try and give a cat pills? Easier feeding a toddler anything it does not like. Well right as i sat the pet carrier in the car, my cat filled it up with urine. That shot worked for relieving my cat. I assume there is some swelling closing the passage, and now it’s gone so the fluids could flow. So I get home and Google Vets in the area and find a great one to take my cat to so we could get this urinary tract infection (irritation) worked out.

    I called in to work and told them I would be late. So my cat and I get up and call the veterinarian, okay, I called he sat there and screamed out verification that it was an emergency.

    I take the cat to the Vet and leave him for three days. The vet inserts a tube in him and dumps out lots of blood and urine. The vet keeps my cat there for three days and I get him back. My cat looks worn out and quite a bit thinner than he did before. The vet tells me to increase my cat’s Acid intake, reduce magnesium and avoid seafood (seafood has lots of bacteria).

    For three years, my cat has been fine and free of a UTI. but now the UTI seems to be coming back. Well not coming back, but it does seem like another urinary tract infection is coming on.

    A list of my cat’s Symptoms.

    In the litter box every 20 minutes.

    When in the litter box, he is there for about 1 entire minute.

    when in the litter box his tail shakes really fast as if he is straining.

    When he leaves the litter box he jumps straight out without covering up, as if he left nothing to cover up.

    He cries a lot.

    so as soon as the vet opens in the morning I will be taking my cat there. He is miserable and his belly is big. I will update as I find out what the veterinarian says.


    1. Uti Cat | |

      Cats Die from UTI. All of the time.

    2. TruXter | |

      Well, I was correct.
      The vet gave him some antibiotics. She said there would be no spurs (crystallized minerals) in his bladder. More just an irritating infection.
      It worked. The antibiotics cleared up the issue fast.

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