Brock Lesnar Vs Roy Big Country Nelson

    Brock Lesnar Vs Roy Big Country Nelson

    Story on the net is that Brock Lesnar has asked for a match against Roy Big Country Nelson. This fight is not what Brock Lesnar needs. Big country is a bit heavy for Bock’s skills. The way that Brock Lesnar fights, Roy might just lean on Brock and let Brock Lesnar exhaust himself. All big Country has to do is make it through the first three or four punches that Brock Lesnar throws at him and just let Brock come to him. Brock will steam roll into his take down and now Roy Nelson just has to reverse it on Brock. and just lay there and smother Brock’s strength. 2 rounds and this fight is over.

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    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Roy could beat Brock in a punch out slug fest. He is just too slow and uncoordinated for what Brock can do in a slug fest. But we all know Brock heads straight into the take down and then just wings it with some very unorthodox moves that seem to work. That is of course, when Brock is in 100% top shape. But as we saw in my past posts, * Brock is not in 100% top shape. So this fight if it happens before February 2011, it’s way to soon. Brock’s mind says he is a monster but his build just is not there anymore.

    If Brock wins this fight in less than 3 rounds, then he surely is on the road to redeeming his position as UFC champion.

    So there is not Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez Rematch in the schedule as of right yet. Maybe Brock will get the chance to beat the guy that beats Cain. Maybe then Cain will request the rematch.

    What do you think? good match up? bad match up? Roy will win? Brock will win?

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    *Reference to Brock

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