How To Rent Movies From Redbox

    Go to the Kiosk/ little unmanned box/the vending machine. What ever in the heck they call it. Tap the screen on the red square that says “Rent”. You will see thumbnails (small images that represent the video) that have movie titles below default, the recent videos are on the first screen. New disks for the Redbox vending machine, arrive on Tuesday. If you tap one of those thumbnails, you will get a brief description of the movie and the main actors. If the movie looks appealing, click the “rent button” (some movies have a buy for $5 option). You can then either select to add more movies, or finish the transaction. Make your pick. If you select to rent your Redbox Video pick(s), You will be prompted to swipe your credit card (stripe facing away from you). Your next requirement for the Redbox Video rental is to type in your zip code. After you type in your zip code, you will be prompted to type in your email address. in less than 30 seconds, your video will pop out. That’s it. No paper receipt.
    Take your rented video and go home. Check your email. You will have an email version of a receipt from Redbox.
    Now reach under your sink. Grab a window cleaner fluid or something the like. Grab a rag or paper towel. Preferably soft. Trust that you will probably be the first and the last person to do this.

    Clean off the DVD, unless you like jelly in your dvd player. Yes, it is a must for every person with children under 12, to hand their kid the Dvd and a jar of jelly. and they all must sneeze across the disk. The full mouth open, spit and snot flinging sneeze.

    Watch your movie and be happy that you aren’t out much. Yes Redbox is full of movies with cool or familiar names. Most of those movies are not the movie you thought. Some of the movies are cheesy monologue one liner “Is that all you got” action movies. a few are not even b Rating quality. Yes that is a lowercase b. Once a month you might see a new release of a movie that had killer commercials, but flopped in the theater and hit Redbox in less than a month. You thought you found a good prize movie. At least you only spent $1.

    Once your Redbox movie is done and your children have rubbed jelly all over the video disk, squish the video back into it’s case. Be sure that the barcode is still visible when you close the case. Take your movie back to Redbox. Tap the screen on the red square that says “return”. One side of your DVD case has an arrow on it, have that side face you as you insert your movie into the return slot. The return slot is the same spot your movie came out of.
    Go home and check your email.

    Each day of rental, your Redbox rental will be one dollar.
    Enjoy your movie, Enjoy the amount of time you take at the machine trying to dig through the movies like there is magically going to be a movie in the list you overlooked each time you passed the machine. Enjoy the way the disk entertains your children even while the movie is not playing. Enjoy your ability to be civil enough to be kind to the next guy. Enjoy your ability to respect the next guy in line by being prompt, or the right to stand there and waste a day for yourself trying to prove the fact that you can take your time any time you want to.

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