Smallville Season 10 Episode 10

    A very Dark episode of Smallville. I mean I can’t see my screen. Except when something white moves by.
    Clark Messes with a “Mirror box” turns out to be a portal to another dimension. The other dimension is dark. Lionel Luthor is still alive and in charge of everything. Clark is the adopted son of Lionel and Tess is Clark’s sister who he is messing around with.
    Clark runs into Lois and tries to convince her he is not the same Clark. Clark says to the parallel universe Lois. ” I can’t live in a world where you don’t love me”. UGG!
    Clark gets back to real world. looks like Tess Oliver Queen and Loise Lane all together can defeat Clark Kent. Because Evil Clark was crouched in fetal position when good Clark arrived.
    Lionel Sto-awayed on Clark’s ride back. Lionel Luthor is in the final Season and far more evil than he ever was.

    sorry so short, there wasn’t much to this episode.

    Unanswered questions

    What was the name of the latest episode? I have been calling it ” the dark Episode” . and, Why Lionel instead of Lex? Think Lionel will go back to his dimension with Lex 2.0 in tow? Why is it that the mirror box on this side incapacitates the mirror box on the other, especially if Clark didn’t pop into the other dimension holding the mirror box, he had to locate it before he went back home. So in theory, that box still works independently. so does this mean we will see bad Tess one more time, to bring home Lex and Lionel ? Think they will show us who Tess’ mom is ?

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