Getting into Shape without Trying to Become a Toothpick

    There’s a big difference between working to be healthy and happy and feel good about your body verses trying to fit into skinny jeans and becoming a walking skeleton. Trends are constantly changing and sometimes it’s fashionable and cool to have a body and other times it’s apparently horrific if you can see a slight curve of any kind on your body.

    I found there has recently been a new popular fitness program started for people with a logo that I like…. They say “Skinny is not for everyone….Healthy is!” – That’s the slogan trademarked on the Fitness From Home website where when you first open up the site you see a healthy looking, pretty woman who is the fitness expert and founder of the company, Tamara Kellman.

    Her story is one of those of a person who endured difficult times in her life and then decided to find a way to turn it all around to the best of her ability and to find some positive impact to make on the world. She’d been a school teacher and fitness instructor for a number of years, but when her husband died and she and her children were left in a very difficult time period, she decided it was time to start trying to use what she knew and had and find a new positive outlook on life. She increased the amount of time she spent helping in her community and also developed a thorough fitness and health program to help people struggling with depression and obesity.

    She wanted to develop an affordable fitness system that was also practical for every day living and for trying to make those first few steps toward progress, rather than just becoming overwhelmed the way so many people do when they first decide to start working on weight loss and health improvement.

    I think it’s good because it’s so easy for people to become so frustrated with their weight or just feeling tired all of the time or any of the other things that go with that aspect of life that so many people struggle with and then they decide to go full force and try to change everything all at once, only to end up feeling good for a few days and then feeling worse afterward. Also it’s so easy to feel pushed by fads to try to become a toothpick and fit into those skinny jeans and whatever other kind of standing stick look… the old “Twiggy” phenomenon that so many people today are too young to remember…but that’s been reborn in a thousand different ways since….

    I think most people don’t really find having no shape to one’s body to be the best looking thing and hopefully we all know that it’s not healthy either.

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