Cell Phone Drivers

    What happens to people when they talk on their phone while driving? Do they suddenly get tunnel vision? do they suddenly turn everything off and tune everything out except the phone and the direction they need to face?

    People on cell phones While driving, you need to put that thing down.

    I am quite sick of having to stop 40 feet too soon because you want be in a blurry state while on the phone at the wheel. I am sick of you changing lanes and nearly creaming me in my squatty car. Hang your phone up.Don’t try and drive next to me to help you regulate your speed, I am clearly trying to pass you because you were just now going far to slow in the fast lane.


    There should be a special licsense people have to get to drive while on the phone. The test should include many thing sthat cause people to wreck . Like a game. ” I will say a letter and you will say one word that has that letter in it, and yes the word ‘um’ counts”. Of course the guy on the other end of the line has a bird’s eye veiw so he/she knows exactly when to ask the question.  You come over a small hump/hill to wet spot in the road with a splatter of oil in teh middle. The instant the voice on the other end asks the question (and it’s times 4 seconds to respond) a kid size dummy on a tricycle rolls out into the middle of the road while an air horn goes off right next to the driver. The test would be full of sittuations like that but the questions change to mathmatics and teh such and an occasional text message from the booth the driver has 20 seconds to respond to, while still in the conversation. and yes, questions can overlap.

    If you do not pass the test, you have a special mark on your driver’s license that says no use of cell phones while driving. If you are caught driving with cell phone to ear or reading a text message, your license is taken away for 6 months and you will be fined from $500 plus any other violations up to 10k plus other violations. Caught three times your license is taken away for life, but you can get a motorcycle license. And there is a cell phone test for motorcyclists. Those who have the driving with cell phone license, have to pay a higher insurance rate by 10%. I mean really, they will be more of a liability than the guys without a cell phone to their head while driving. This goes for ear buds and ear pieces the like and over the radio cell phone systems.

    No matter how important you feel your cell phone call is, I feel my life is more important. If you go to far and endanger my life so you can assure your neighbor that your dog will not bark at night any more, then I deserve the right to balance the level of danger between us.

    Hang up your cell phone and drive.

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