Biggest Mistake on “Designed to Sell”

    While watching Designed to Sell I repeatedly see the same error. It seems every single house these guys go into that has even the slightest dirty fireplace, the designers paint the fireplace. I am currently watching the episode ” a decision to downsize”. These guys actually rip up the carpet to lay hardwood floors yet they still paint the fireplace.

    With the carpet up, they could have sandblasted the fireplace with a fine light blaster. but instead they chose to do something that is near irreversible.

    Sure paint can be removed. but not easy enough for painting to be considered logical.

    If I was in the market for a home and came across the guys from Designed to Sell, my first thing is to look at the fire place for paint. at that point I would be forced to put a negitive mark on that house.

    Other than the fireplace, I really do like the work they do. They easily sell the houses. So it seems the work on Designed to Sell know how to sell a house. Or people hear there is a tv crew and run to the site.

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