Is gas burning faster?

    I can go put 5 gallons of gasoline in my car right now and get less than 60 miles out of it. But my car was getting 25 miles per gallon in the city just a month ago. That should be 125 miles out of 5 gallons of gas.

    I was thinking someone was stealing my gas for a while there. So I bought a locking gas cap. And suddenly, the past week or so I noticed my fuel was being weird and I wasn’t getting the mpg I was before. Then today. I put 5 gallons in my tank and now my display says I have about 30 miles estimated left, and I only traveled 22 miles total today.

    Think there is something wrong with gas?

    On top of that my car is idling funny. Unless i put super unleaded in my car. then I get nearly the 25 mpg I was getting before. but my car is a 4 cylinder, and it really shouldn’t have high octane fuel in it. Please can someone tell me why my car is getting such poor gas mileage?

    Just like I said. Gas prices did Go up.

    And here is a Follow up on the topic. Gas is Burning Faster at a Higher Cost
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