Designing the House

    Been using autodesk autocad to draw up the house I am having built. Some of my family members have no idea what my house is going to look like after the builders are done with the constreuction. So I have been drawing my house in cad so they have a good idea of what house to stop at and about how to get to the bathroom when they get there.
    Its fun work. All doors and windows are to scale, bricks are to scale. Even the squares on the garage are spaced precise with what the specs sheet says the garage will be like.
    Hardest part is the bathroom area, because it barely has any dimension specs, and what is there is a poorly scanned in image.
    But the house is drawn, fron elevations, side elevations areal, and even a 3d tour. And yes by all specs, a pool table will fit in the dining room, two desks and a small bed will fit in the small room. I will probably put one of those fold up futons in the small bedroom. My room, now that room is going to be cool. I have the cable connection in the perfect spot for where I want the bed. Bathroom is a bit different from any I have ever seen.
    I’m quite excited about this house being built. Stay close for photos coming as the construction happens.

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