My House – The Foundation

    This is the story from beginning to end of the build of my house. For those of you who have never bought a house brand new, this will let you see what I went through, so far it has been easy.

    Buying a House

    This is a house getting built from an empty lot in a new subdivision. The whole bit  of this house being built Is the smoothest easiest event of my life this far( I am writing this as it happens, so mood may change by end of story). I started a bit of a story a little while back telling of the event, but I decided to take this a bit deeper, Here is the post if you would like to read up that far, Ever shop for a house? I decided to go a bit deeper and show the whole process of the actual build of the house from vacant lot to shingles to carpet and counter tops. Light switches and light bulbs. So here we go.

    For a while I have been kind of homeless. Since the separation of my ex-wife, the divorce took three years. All the while, working every single day, and some years not taking a vacation at all. One year after the divorce, my house is finally being built. For the time I was down, I just built websites and watch tv shows of people buying houses and the process and prices they paid. In the meantime I built a web page with a custom search for people looking for house. House search. It works great, type city, dwelling type and max min cost. Like this “Houston house max 400,000 min 50,000”. Like magic you find it. be more specific by using zip code instead of city name. 🙂 pure genius. Helps everyone in the world except me. Google rules say I can’t use it. but it works like a charm. I am allowed to test, so long as I don’t click the links in the results.

    Back on topic.

    I have been watching prices and home values like you would not believe. For three years, I have home shopping down. but all of my hunting online found houses out of my price range or somewhere in an area I wouldn’t get caught living in if it was the only place in the world not on fire. This is why I created the search page, to help other people avoid the stupid results.

    One day while headed home from getting coffee, I swooped in to look at some new houses.

    While there, I found a house that was 3000 square feet and for sell for under $135,000. and was told the monthly cost of that house would be less than the cost of a 1000 square foot apartment in monthly payments. Then the lady told me the exact monthly fee and my jaw dropped. Under 1100 a month. So I leaned over and looked at the cheapest house they have for sale, and turns out the monthly cost to me for everything including escrow, under $870 a month. A new house. For that cheap. Can you believe it ? Here see for yourself New Home Builder In Houston. I was completely sold on this house

    Dora let me select the spot my house was being built on, which is very close to the spot my friends and I used to camp out in the woods when we were kids. We built a small log cabin in our camp site. I remember saying to my friends ” one day I will buy this land and live here. So, this is as close as I could get. Which is very very close (about a block). Never really was much of a goal to live there, I kinda wanted to live in a high rise apartment like the Jeffersons. but hey. Okay.

    The spot my house is being built on.

    There it is. Where it all will happen. I’m getting a house built. ME?? yep. Right there in that spot all construction, and soon I will be mowing grass that I will grow there and bushes I will be planting will grow there. Part of the way up from that curb you see, I will be washing my car there. A little further back I will be building custom computers. A bit to the left I will have my own network of custom computers for gaming. I have so many hopes for this little spot. To go from having nothing but a computer desk a computer case that has housed like 7 computer rebuilds, a Tv a Chair and ratty bed, (meanwhile a brand new bed I left with my father in spare room at his house, since before I got married) a bag of cloths, and a cat, to having a house to start over in. This is going to be a huge accomplishment.

    Of course I have to thank HiTech Fire for bringing me in from a gas station I was working at and giving my computer skills a chance.HiTech Fire Has been more than a blessing. Never met such a happy crowd of co-workers. I built that site for us. but since they let me be the CAD guy there, I have had tons practice using Autodesk for designing fire alarm systems, I have taken the anticipation period of waiting for this house to an easier level. I have completely drawn this house in 3d. From floor to ceiling, light switches, cable jacks power outlets and ceiling fans.

    Designing the Kitchen

    The colors are a bit off for the kitchen, I have not laid the textures yet when I took that screen shot.

    The interior of the house has been selected. The lighting in the room to select from, was pretty bad, had a bit of a yellowish tint. So pardon the pictures of the interior I selected for my home.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    The cabinets I selected are kind of plain looking. It was either plain looking or brown . I am sick of brown houses.

    Here is the kitchen tile and backsplash. The small peice is the  countertop.

    counter-top back-splash and tile

    Microwave and Range. I took the upgrade Appliances. Well the level one upgrade. Basic items are white.

    Cooking appliances

    The dishwasher I selected of course is part of the upgrade I am getting. looks like it’s a GE

    Dish Washer

    The carpet I selected just looked like it would be comfortable and easy to clean. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO ENTER MY HOME WEARING SHOES FOR THE FIRST YEAR! Get over it. or get out.

    Carpet in my Living Room

    This is the tile that will be in the bathroom and the cabinets that will be in there, I think the master Bathroom only though. unsure, not built yet and I want it to be a surprise. So I am not asking to many questions. I just selected a bunch of stuff and tried to forget what I could.

    Bathroom Cabinets and Tile

    I could have upgraded to Stainless steel appliances, since that seems to be the current fashion and trend. I do like the look and it would be cool to say when talking to friends, but really that trend could die off soon. I myself don’t like cleaning stainless steel. It gets abrasions real easy, and the cleaner that I know really works (without turning everything white) is a bit rough on the skin and does not smell very well. Used to have to use that stuff when I had to clean off gas pumps when I worked for a gas station chain in The Woodlands.

    Again I am not too crazy about natural gas being in my home. Electricity does not explode. but heck the whole neighborhood is natural. So, If my neighbor explodes, It does not matter what I have I will get hurt. plus natural gas is cheap.

    At the end of the third week  “The scrapers” come out and leveled my land. What they do is they bring in a large tractor and level out the land by digging a few feet down and basically scrape the land to an even smooth level, and then they dust the dirt back on to bring the land back up to normal level, but smooth and the crew moves the plant life out of the work area. So next step is the digging for underground plumbing and concrete slab and probably some of the electrical. I am not sure just yet.

    My Land is now Level

    LOOK AT THAT!!!!!!        MY DIRT!!!!!

    If you look to the back of the scraped area you will see the squished up mound of grass or what ever it is that grows on the ground in a heavy wooded area. Weeds?

    Of course I got really excited so I took the picture and ran home and brought the picture of my new property into Autodesk Autocad and drew my house up to scale on my new property. The lot is small, Way cool, I have almo9st nothing to mow.

    Now we have a house to build

    So, all loans are accepted. This is a great thing. Shouldn’t take very long to build this house.

    Here is a photo of two days work in building of my neighbor’s house. Of course the building of the house started after the foundation was inspected and permitted, meanwhile 4 days went by. On the fourth day, when all was permitted the building began.

    Neighbors house being built

    Looks like his house is being built fast, So I can hope the construction of my house goes just as smooth. but not too fast, I really need to save for the closing costs. I basically have from right now until the house is completely built to come up with $3000 on top of what I have for the closing costs. Can I do it? I think so.

    So far everything that the Real estate agent Dora has been doing to move things smoothly has been great. She is amazing and really knows how to make this happen with no stress. i do appreciate all she is doing for me with this. Can you tell? So if Dora suggests anything or any person, I recommend you consider all suggestions. She probably knows what works best together with all that you are requesting. Like the loan handler (I really have no idea what you call the person, Becky did so much of the paper, I just had to read and sign) turned out being one from their website as the Preferred Lenders, because every place I called on my own seemed to want me hire someone to do the paper work because they just didn’t want to work with someone who knew so little about the actual purchase of a house, or one guy I could never reach another sounded like he was hungry, made a smacking licking of lips noise every time he said anything of a dollar amount, on top of that he wanted enough money for doing his part, you could put that down as a down payment on a really expensive car, I think it was like $2000. Guess he thought I was dumb completely and loaded. Instead I am the opposite, just know very little about buying a house. Know tons about building and repairing and designing and add-ons to houses. Never bought though. Well turns out the lady that Dora mentioned, did everything, even sent me a pdf of the stuff I had to sign and bring to her. I never had to sign anything extra from what was sent to me for the loan. Good Faith Statement,residential loan application,Print of my credit score, tax forms, okay about 1/2 pound of papers that I had to sign. I made copies of everything, I have a back up of the documents on my phone, in my home computer, on my computer at work and burned to a DVD.

    After a bit of time, they started shaping for the foundation. It turns out the home builders are going with the plan i said that I wished I would get. The reverse of what the rest of the houses like mine are. This is wonderful.

    My House as it will be built

    This is cool. Now my house will be different from all the rest. To bad I had to flip all of my cad drawings to face the other way. but small price to pay for  a new place to live that is all my own.

    My commute to and from work will be no better. I am about as far into the neighborhood as the place i am currently staying. Although I do see where road construction may connect dead end streets to one of the near access streets. And if that happens, I should shave about 5 minutes off of my travel time.

    Being right next to a golf course has it’s pluses for some, not for me though. It’s the two creeks that come together almost 100 yards from my back door. Now that is something. Especially since I used to camp out in the woods near this same spot. I loved it here back when the trees covered everything. It felt like we were a million miles away from everyone. Away from civilization. No one to tell us not to pick our noses while we told grosser than gross jokes.. And well. Here I am getting a house built near that very same spot. This is beginning to mean a lot to me. Kinda almost busted a tear when I saw the recent foundation work being started like that. Especially after finding out today that a co-worker I really could talk to, got laid off yesterday after I headed home, and then a guy that was management who got busted down to sales, got fired today around lunch time. That’s plenty to take in. This is a big change for me. I want this house.

    The lot I selected is so small, if it takes me more than 20 minutes to mow my lawn, then I must have stopped to wash my car. I tell my friends I am getting a reel Mower. They have no idea what i am talking about until I describe it to them. It’s my way of making sure I have no excuse not to mow my lawn, and hey, if you can’t mow a lot as tiny as mine with a reel mower, you might be a bit pathetic. It would take longer to get a gas mower out of the garage, gas it up, warm it up and then put everything back up, than it would to actually mow the lawn on my property. If I am paying someone to mow my lawn, I must be really sick and under the weather. The price would have to be less than $10. The back yard is so tiny, you can’t fit a small Toyota back there.

    Here is a picture to show how small my backyard is. I don’t get it, why would you want a huge backyard? A single man wanting to mow?

    My back yard

    Back to the Neighbor’s house. He is on 8 days of construction and his house is this far built.

    8 days in Home Building

    Everyone is assuring me that the neighbor’s house will be built up really fast on the outside but the interior will take three months to complete. Like the plumbing details, electrical details and carpet installation. I sure hope so. Because if my house goes like that house, I will never make it to the closing cost. But if everything stays on schedule as stated then this will be a breeze and I will be laying in my house by May. Playing Call of duty on 50mbs Comcast internet and not listening to anyone’s problems, just working on my own. Finally.

    The underground plumbing is in progress. I did my best not to bother the workers who put the sewage drain plumbing in. I wouldn’t want any issue coming later because of my disruption during the construction. Besides it’s my house, just let things happen without my interference.

    Steadily working on Plumbing

    I would have taken another picture of the neighbor’s house but really, it looks like they focused more on the interior. There was crew out front and milling about but I paid more attention to my house and the tractors out front. looked like they did a bit of digging for the plumbing that was going in.

    More will come along as the construction of the house progresses. Right now there is a bit of rain going on, so the house is on hold.



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      I remember following your progress – so cool to see has it’s all worked out for you. I am really happy for you and congratulations on your home. You worked hard for your success!

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      Thank you.

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