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    I am looking for some tips from some of the building contractors or someone who knows a bit about construction of a new facility. What type of permits would a person look at if they were to buy some commercial property for the build of an 8000 square foot store? i am wanting to build of course the 4 walls that contain the store, two offices and one restroom. About 30 square feet for the restroom and the offices about 150 square feet each.
    i have no idea what to look at for the slab or what kind of steel is required for the frame of the building.
    I have found a few sites that seem to leave information for commercial construction, but not many. All of the codes on the state and county website are giving me a migraine. I have no idea what permitting pertains to my needs. Well I have some idea but not clear.
    I guess over the next few months I will have to study more, but I am looking to get builders, electricians, plumbers, hvac, fire alarm and fire sprinkler, by this time 2012 ready to build my electronics store.
    Store will be in Montgomery county Texas and will be on it’s own property in Conroe.
    Should i just rent my own tractors? My own backhoe ? Would that save me much? it doesn’t seem like it would.

    What are the bidding procedures that I need to study before this comes?


    Feel free to leave your company’s link or phone number below so I can research what I can. but please keep it construction only .Thanks all.

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      Can you release any information of the location you intend to build on? do you have any reports as to the location that your new construction may take place ? are you intending to make this a dwelling? large capacity?
      do you know the occupancy class of this building ?
      If you do not know the occupancy class of the building, you might want to learn this.
      Would help in classing for fire permits and the like.

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