Gas is burning faster at a higher cost.

    This post is a Follow up to  Is Gas Burning Faster? The answer is found below. but we need a more scientific test.

    It is a fact. People are Googling this right now as I type this. Gasoline is burning faster as the price goes higher. We need someone out testing the fuel to prove it really is the octane they claim the fuel should be.
    Our test vehicles are: 1 2011 chevy cavalier 4cy average mpg 25, and 1 1995 chevy Silverado mpg 14.

    In the cavalier, we drained the fuel tank completely of all gas.. Only fuel was what was still in the fuel lines. We then put 2 gallons of Texaco gas in the car. Upon starting, the heads up display said the car had an expected travel distance of 93 miles. Pretty sure that was highway estimate. Our test vehicle traveled 52 miles before we had to push. This is car that gets 25 mpg in the city, 32 on highway at normal speeds, 40 mpg at about 80 mph. This car should have gotten 75 miles. Especially with such light traffic as what this weekend gave us.
    The silverado. We gave the silverado 93 octane premium valero gas 3 gallons. Our expected mileage (due to past experiences) should have landed us at about 40-45 miles. We pushed the truck at a whopping 26 miles.
    two total different gas stations, identical results.
    All of this while gas prices have gone up. Could it be so simple and right before our eyes as this? Lower the octane and bump the price of gasoline to see if we all go road warrior or not?
    Whatever is going on, I’m not happy and it is surely suspicious.

    We need someone to go around and randomly test gas station in Houston and other cities.

    How do you feel about the gas in your car? Are you watching gas mileage fade as a thing of the past?
    Post your results or questions below.

    I have noticed a stale smell of gasoline lately.
    See back in the day, I worked in a gas station. 8 years of my life checking the tanks with a stick. Ran, sleet, snow, no matter what I had to check the level of the fuel and check it for water with a certain paste that would change colors when water was introduced to it. Well some times when it was raining as i did this test, the gasoline would have a certain smell. That is what I smell these days while I pump gas.

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    1. Kevin L Thomas | |

      I feel the exact same way, I have a 2001 and a 2002 saturn L200 and on both cars I used to fill up for 40-45$ and drive for a week and a half but recently if I fill up it last 4 or 5 days and I’m just going back and fourth to work 10 mins away! What’s going on! Someone does need to monitor this!

    2. BIG John | |

      Yes, gas is definately burning faster.. Even my wife who drives a 2008 Prius says its eating gas like never before! I wonder why they would be doing this as prices increase?? Hmmmm. Something STINKS!

    3. Mary Lou | |

      I definitely agree that gasoline is burning faster than before. I cannot find any other websites about this. I agree… Something stinks really bad!!!!

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