The Bad Wingman

    The Bad Wingman

    The Bad Wingman is the guy that never initiates a conversation with women, but is right there to play “cut down” fest with you. Whether you intend to play or not. look, we are not 12. I think even back when I was 12, the girls thought we were immature playing the “oooh, I burned you” game. you will almost never land a woman while pointing out your friend’s flaw’s. It makes you a jerk, and doesn’t do well for your friend either.

    The Bad Wingman is the guy that goes out with you and ruins every single opportunity of meeting a woman possible. With all of destructiveness he is capable of, you get snickered at for the next three months and you can never go back to your two favorite bars. Ever.

    The Bad Wingman is the guy that loves to get so drunk and out do everyone, he slurs and drools on himself while happily yelling out the meaning of song lyrics.

    The Bad Wingman is the guy that may get caught with his finger in his nose, and sometimes may even feel the need to tell you that the beer you are drinking or the burger you are eating is gross. Even though you have seen his finger in his nose a few times, and a few times followed by a lick of said finger.

    The Bad Wingman is the guy that yells out ” you gonna hit that?”.

    The Bad Wingman is the guy that insists that you both go to the club or bar, in the same vehicle.

    The Bad Wingman is the guy that finds it his duty to assure everyone that he has more money than you. Works best when he knows you just made a big purchase and are kind of broke. Do not under any circumstances go hang with that dude at the bar during that time. Everyone will hear about it every time he buys you a drink. Even if he says it in a nice way he is still doing it.

    The Bad Wingman is the guy that goes out without money.


    Yes I know someone who fits all of these. I know a few people who fit some of these.

    I refuse to hang out with this guy. No matter how much it hurts his feelings, I refuse hanging out with him.

    Look gang, it’s easy to be a wingman. Your whole duty is to show the new woman who the good guy is. Not the best guy, not the greatest guy, but a good guy. Your duty is to point out true good guy qualities about your friend. The ladies see through all the bs that you can chunk at them. These women do not want to hear about the time your buddy accidentally called a stripper “mommy”. The lady does not want to hear about the time your friend barfed because he cried to hard about a scratch in his new paint on his newly restored dodge dart. The ladies do not want to hear about how your friend is currently broke. The ladies do not want to hear how your friend was molded and crafted by the gods and wrapped in $100 bills that magically just pop up in his pockets for the rest of his life. (okay maybe some do).All you have to do is be a good friend. Good people deserve good friends. Most people on a split second think that only good people have good friends. if that was true then there would be no definition of a bad friend or a bad wingman. If you are a good guy, then he must be a good guy also.

    If you know a person who is a bad wingman, because he or even she matches any of these, pass this on to them.

    Honor, Respect and Loyalty. That is a good wingman’s motto.

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      What you need is to mention the bad wingman is that guy in the group knows damn well that he has no rhythm yet dances and beats on the table any time a good song comes on.

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