The Closer I Get to Closing date

    Buying this new house is stress in ways I never expected. The closer I get to closing date, the more I see this. Every person I know is coming out of the wood works asking for a loan because they know I am sitting on small pile. As if they didn’t know me before this time. And every single one of them have the most hard luck story I ever heard. They all make me feel bad for not helping and somehow each story gets more personal than the previous.

    On top of that everything is going out. My car needs new tires, oil change is over due, gas prices have gone up and it seems gas is burning faster than ever. Always as fuel prices go up, the cost of products go up because shipping costs go up in relation to fuel prices going up.

    I am aproved of this loan for this house. The house seems be getting built faster and faster. Each time I think I will just let something go and stop paying for it because I see how I no longer need it, something comes up that will be more expensive if I drop the other, and the price will be slightly more than if uf I paid for both. (hope that made sense). I feel I need to donate to the Japan incident, but if I do I could end up homeless. I may just leave a link to the donation website and help them with being found.

    I just know that I am driving more frustrated than ever so I am quite likely to get a ticket soon. I really need to carpool for a little while just so I can take my face off the road for a while. Seems the only women popping up in my life are the ones who wanted nothing to do with me before I started the purchase of this house. Sure I can use them like they intend to use me but that would make me even less than them so I will not even pay them any mind. or at least I will try.

    Never the less. The house is almost built. Ac is installed and plumbing installed. Electricity comes next week.

    Wish me luck.


    1. Joy | |

      Wow, I moved and won’t have the internet until after the 24th, sooo I stayed at my girl’s last night & was just looking at everything I’ve missed ~ this post by you makes me sad 🙁 I want to help you smile so here’s some advice ~ do with it what you will!
      1. Buying a home is at the top of the stress-inducing list of life-changes. Just remember that you are not the first person to do this, & it will get better with fewer panic attacks after closing. Being a home-owner is a big deal & you are fortunate to be able to do it on your own, just keep telling yourself that & you’ll feel better.
      2. I have no clue about the small pile you mentioned, but be very aware of gold-diggers. You’re a smart guy, read between the lines & be VERY cautious. Women are…………..let’s just say if you haven’t known them for an extended period of time, don’t believe anything they tell you!
      3. Before it was decapitated, my right foot was the heaviest on the road but I missed out on some beautiful scenery along the way. So when you get road rage find a music station that has a slower beat & enjoy the fact that you CAN drive, you have your own vehicle to drive, & have nobody telling you where you can go(drive-wise!). Listening to GnR or AC/DC will NOT work in a vehicle…the cops are in too much of a hurry to catch up with you when they are playing (in my experiences). Of course I have the twins to get me out of a ticket, you sir, do not!!
      4. Text whoever to donate $10 like everyone else is to Japan, Haiti, etc. It all helps & doing it won’t break the bank.
      I am so very happy for you right now, I hope you can enjoy this experience as much as you should be! You should register at Bed Bath & Beyond (or someplace like that) & have a housewarming party when you’ve moved in. You’ll be able to see who your real friends are. Just let me know about a month in advance so I can be there too!

    2. TruXter | |

      I still find myself driving crazier and crazier as I stress out more.
      So I need to do something pretty quick before I or someone else gets hurt.
      Closing date is less than two weeks away.
      The builder gave me a closing date like a week ago. I am sure he had to wait untill he knew he was in the clear for everything and that all was still on time.
      I’m glad he didn’t just drop a date out when I first signed for the house, or I could be looking at accepting error in shipping or production of a part of teh house, like toilets or sinks or disposal unit.
      I have toned everyone out to a sense. It’s strange how people are right now. Maybe it’s just me..
      But I am loving the house, the closer it gets to being finished, the more I love this new home they are building for me.

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