Is Mega Millions a Scam ?

    In spirit in my past post about Texas Lotto.

    Have you ever played mega millions?

    There was an old hustle called the 5and 1 also called the 5+1. And this game really closely matches mega millions. You figure that you have greater odds now that it is reduced to 5 numbers plus one. Well sorry to tell you but that +1 is not like over driver in a car. It’s more like a 1/6th factor added to the end.

    They say you have a 1/40 chance to win. What they consider winning is getting your money back. but that is not winning. If that is winning then not playing at all, is a win. Not losing is a win.. right? can’t lose if you don’t play.

    The fact is, just getting that bonus ball at the end of the mega millions number card is 1/56.

    now multiply 56 x 5 . You have a 1/280 chance of1 number of the first five,that matches. Multiply that number by the 56 original you have a 1/5680 chance of  breaking even.


    You would have to buy 550,731,776 Mega million tickets to get 5/6 numbers. This would be if you bought them all with the same bonus ball number. of course you have to multiply that 550 Million  Mega Million tickets times 56 to assure that you have covered every single numeric combination possible. To ensure that you get 6/6 numbers, plus every single winning possibility. Of course every, because you just bought every single combination possible.

    End result is you have to buy 30,840,979,456 Mega Million Lotto Tickets to ensure that you win 6/6. and every other lesser winning number. Meanwhile the pot is at what?

    It just sounds like a huge scam.


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    1. masiah | |

      The largest percentage of winners come from New Yok, yet the largest percentage of players (millions) are not from New York. The games originate and are funded (bond) for the states, by the same connected crooks in Vegas

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