Channel 39 CW Houston News FIX

    Channel 39 CW Houston News FIX
    Excellent Idea. Looks as if they are on top new trends and fast paced information for our A.D.D. society.
    The Faces and voices we see and hear doing coverage of “on location” for Channel 39 CW Houston News FIX, many are ex radio djs from local radio stations that are long gone but no where near forgotten. It’s great to know these guys are back in the light.
    They make it look a lot like today’s news online. But with better camera work and better audio.

    On the downside, the information is either really boring, or really old.
    On another downside is that over the past few months, we have seen many news announcers state that they are “moving on”. So the news faces all either got fired or quit.
    Cartoony objects pop up on the cw 39 news fix.
    News Fix feels like 2 miserable hours
    Channel 39 CW Houston News FIX kind of reminds me of something I have seen on EA or something.
    Not really liking it much. News FIX seems to re-run way to often. I remember a time when news was not a rerun.
    News is supposed to be news. Now, news is at the best, 5 days of what ever you call that stuff, and then reran for the next four days.. It seems like the small segments they like the most News Fix, get stripped out of one day’s news, and squeezed into another day’s news, and then into another. Can we please go ahead and put something entertaining on television in this spot?

    Channel 39 doesn’t even have a weather person anymore.. What? There is a lady that sounds automated saying “here is your weather” but she doesn’t say what’s happening we just look at a picture of a cartoon cloud and a cartoon sun, or just a sun.. Wtf??????????

    To me it feels as if they are telling me what my opinion should be. By trying to entertain me with what they think people like me like and then slipping in “a fact”. I just don’t know anymore.

    yeah I have watched News Fix a few times, because I am just getting home and cooking and not feeling like changing the channel. Since I am kind of used to watching 39 as soon as I get home. But as often as I can, i run to channel 26 or two. 26 feels like real news but channel 2 is great news in super high def. But again, when I just get home, I am only listening to the television.

    The dude at the end that does his wrap up, Why in the blue hell are you pushing your opinion on us like that? May as well do the “mystic hands” and go googly eyed and tell us we love the show and buy more Pepsi… oh yeah, and vote for Obama. (Actually he kind of does that)… oh… neat shirt.

    Just the other day, Simon did his skit about his pet peve . He said that he hates it when people post the pictures of their food on on Facebook.
    Look. Old media (news on tv) has been playing catch up with New media (social networks social media) for a few years now. He has no idea what he is talking about and needs to shut his stink hole. People post what they want to post on a site that allows them to. If others did not like it, then that person would not have friends. So clearly, people like it, and Simon has no clue as to what people like and is used to a media where they, the providers of such media tell you what to like.. Fo that, he needs to have a little less attention spent on him.

    Either fix that stupid Soul patch or shave it off. Your crap is crooked you moron. And that dyed shaggy (scooby doo) thing just below your tilted soul patch, at least comb it, you look like my lap when I got my first 20 hairs.

    News Fix is a FAIL in my opinion.
    Is the show called NewsFix? or News Fix?
    What do you think of CW Channel 39 NEWS FIX now ?


    1. Rosemary Degelia | |

      Don’t like it at all. Stick to the News! Don’t care to see pole dancers or stories on XXX movie producers using Ben & Jerry’s name.

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