Channel 39 CW Houston News FIX

    Channel 39 CW Houston News FIX
    Excellent Idea. Looks as if they are on top new trends and fast paced information for our A.D.D. society.
    The Faces and voices we see and hear doing coverage of “on location” for Channel 39 CW Houston News FIX, many are ex radio djs from local radio stations that are long gone but no where near forgotten. It’s great to know these guys are back in the light.
    They make it look a lot like today’s news online. But with better camera work and better audio.

    On the downside, the information is either really boring, or really old.
    On another downside is that over the past few months, we have seen many news announcers state that they are “moving on”. So the news faces all either got fired or quit.
    Cartoony objects pop up on the cw 39 news fix.
    News Fix feels like 2 miserable hours
    Channel 39 CW Houston News FIX kind of reminds me of something I have seen on EA or something.
    Not really liking it much. News FIX seems to re-run way to often. I remember a time when news was not a rerun.
    News is supposed to be news. Now, news is at the best, 5 days of what ever you call that stuff, and then reran for the next four days.. It seems like the small segments they like the most News Fix, get stripped out of one day’s news, and squeezed into another day’s news, and then into another. Can we please go ahead and put something entertaining on television in this spot?

    Channel 39 doesn’t even have a weather person anymore.. What? There is a lady that sounds automated saying “here is your weather” but she doesn’t say what’s happening we just look at a picture of a cartoon cloud and a cartoon sun, or just a sun.. Wtf??????????

    To me it feels as if they are telling me what my opinion should be. By trying to entertain me with what they think people like me like and then slipping in “a fact”. I just don’t know anymore.

    yeah I have watched News Fix a few times, because I am just getting home and cooking and not feeling like changing the channel. Since I am kind of used to watching 39 as soon as I get home. But as often as I can, i run to channel 26 or two. 26 feels like real news but channel 2 is great news in super high def. But again, when I just get home, I am only listening to the television.

    The dude at the end that does his wrap up, Why in the blue hell are you pushing your opinion on us like that? May as well do the “mystic hands” and go googly eyed and tell us we love the show and buy more Pepsi… oh yeah, and vote for Obama. (Actually he kind of does that)… oh… neat shirt.

    Just the other day, Simon did his skit about his pet peve . He said that he hates it when people post the pictures of their food on on Facebook.
    Look. Old media (news on tv) has been playing catch up with New media (social networks social media) for a few years now. He has no idea what he is talking about and needs to shut his stink hole. People post what they want to post on a site that allows them to. If others did not like it, then that person would not have friends. So clearly, people like it, and Simon has no clue as to what people like and is used to a media where they, the providers of such media tell you what to like.. Fo that, he needs to have a little less attention spent on him.

    Either fix that stupid Soul patch or shave it off. Your crap is crooked you moron. And that dyed shaggy (scooby doo) thing just below your tilted soul patch, at least comb it, you look like my lap when I got my first 20 hairs.

    News Fix is a FAIL in my opinion.
    Is the show called NewsFix? or News Fix?
    What do you think of CW Channel 39 NEWS FIX now ?


    1. DL Mc | |

      hate the new format of news.. I’m as ADD as they come,,, but i need my 9pm local news due to getting up early….. guess what,,, i’m watch Fox 26 for my news..

      also the newsfix seems to treat us like idiots!!

      advertisers MAKE note of this….


    2. olga | |

      Great love it

    3. Aussie Meyer | |

      Doesn’t do it for me. Repeat items are annoying. Then they dump on the mayor’s program for volunteerism, trying to imply that it’s a ploy to get free labor to replace laid off city workers. Them folks at Channel 39 are some ignorant mofos.

    4. iluvhou | |

      I don’t like this at all!! I am not a fan of Mia Gradney but I like the rest of the staff. I would rather have the previous format. I have nothing against former radio personalities but why not put them in other announcement positions on the news.
      Also, I don’t like the opinion based cartoonish format or the repetition.

    5. TruXter | |

      You make a great point. About the Djs. and yeah, they shoved Mia down our throats.
      Would be ok to have in pieces. but why can’t we have news and then all of this crap in between. Or put this stuff somewhere else other than a news slot.
      I just don’t see how this is called ” News”.
      And why does this a.d.d. have to be the entirety of the content?

    6. LALADY | |

      I really looked forward to watching the news at 9:00 on the CW. Now, I have switched over to Fox. The new format is not doing it for me. So where did all the newscasters go? I really liked Jorge and all the newscasters. I need real news, weather and sports. Hopefully, 39 will realize what a mistake they made with this new format and return to the old one.

    7. Tarah | |

      I LOVE Newsfix! Its new, its hip, it appeals to my generation…makes news less boring..I love it. The only things that bother me is the repetition because when it comes on I’m hoping to see something new and the weather person…who is clearly not from Houston, Texas, or America for that matter. I’m not discriminating or anything but…its just weird.

      After reading these posts its apparent that the Newsfix took the place of the REGULAR news?? No offense but who’s bright idea was this? You’ve cut out the majority of viewers age 30+! I mean look at the numbers…let’s say Newsfix is targeting viewers 35 and under. Ill try to be as realistic as possible and say 60% of this demographic even watches the news and that about 30% of that 60% watches the news on channel 39. Does that’s sound like a good marketing/business decision to you? I thought Newsfix was in ADDITION TO the regular news (which I did enjoy. Mia was pretty cool and the set was DOPE). Which would bring in ADDITIONAL viewers instead of excluding some of the ones you already had.

      So CW, it would behoove you to bring back our normal news then after the “boring stuff” the “young folks” can watch the “cool news”. Its a win win situation: its going to create jobs (we definately need that), cut down on the annoying Newsfix reruns (we definately need that), and bring back your old viewers PLUS some additional ones. …just a thought, but you’re halfway moving in the right direction. #thatisall

      Tarah Taylor
      Houston Community College Business Marketing major

    8. TruXter | |

      I have switched to channel 2. Great HD media and the content is news. Real news. local news.

      Very good post.
      Valid points on targeting percentages. I would like to add that if someone changes a media/content type and it really doesn’t work, it takes a very long time to get followers again.

    9. tracey | |

      Whoever the creator of this newfix needs to b fired immediately …. this is not news its overloaded graphics and too much darn reading

    10. TruXter | |

      This show offends me how they force their opinion on us like that.

    11. steve peterson | |

      Love newsfix, actually makes watching the news enjoyable. Haven’t we seen enough of the Dave Wards?.

    12. Tee | |

      I think it’s just plain racist, Its just your way to get away with your so called smart remarks. You people are so funny EXP: Simon trying to give codes on why 12 policeman should not be charged with a crime for beating 1 kid, give me a break Simon!!!! Your people beat black men for years so stop trying to compare the two cases…and what does our president have to do with the crime in Mexico? why don’t you take your @** to the border and fight if it mean so much to you!!!!!!! Your news sucks!!!!!!!

    13. predatorpwns | |

      Wow tee, that’s pretty racist to suggest one person’s opinion on a whole group.
      Obama does need to point his attention to Mexico, because stuff is getting out of hand. You do know that people in the united states that live with in a few miles of the boarder are scared right? and people are dying for going over there to visit. Heck people are dying on the lake that seperates the two countries and the police looking into that stuff, are dying.
      Just because the president is the race that you want as a president, does not mean he is worth a dang.

      But yeah…. News Fix sucks anyway.

    14. Terry | |

      different style. same liberal commie slant.

    15. earnett cain | |

      I was just getting into channel 39 News and yall pull this crap. If I wanted to see and hear this crap I would watch TMZ, which I don’t. Well, back to the other news channels that I had grown tired of. Whoever thought of this stuff needs their ass kicked.

    16. christina z | |

      I used to watch Channel 2, 11 or 13. Lastly I found Channel39 the new format is the best- clear, direct and exciting, because we want the news and the comments, not the sitting, faces of the ancho men. I thought it is brilliant idea to see Simon report with the real seeing, so he is not only report and he is IN the NEWS! I even found him much handsome in action.

      I love the photos, videos that let us touch the every day people’s doing , the positive site of our life.

      It is why I am watching Channel 39 newfix most time now. Newsfix is fresh, simple, unique and the revolution of the news presentation!


    17. TruXter | |

      I tried watching Newsfix lastnight. The whole episode (can’t call it news if it re-runs) was about how anyone who does not like Obama is bad evil person. They bashed everyone except Obama.
      The whole damn thing was funny.
      You have every god given right to like some thing that replaced news and tells you what to think, instead of tell you what happened.

    18. steve | |

      i LOVE newsfix… i HATE watching the news but i LOVE channel 39’s NEWSFIX. The format is very fresh in a world of stale news broadcast. Thanks Guys for making news watchable again !

    19. John Marine | |

      I watched NewsFix for the preview back in March followed by the first full edition of NewsFix. Praise this as a different concept, but as I always say- different doesn’t always mean better. This is a way of saying “we failed to draw ratings because of our reporters and anchors, so we’re going to spice things up by doing a non-traditional newscast.” A lot of things are going great for it. However, I can’t bring myself to watch NewsFix constantly after just one installment. Even if you didn’t like the 39 News team before NewsFix, at least admit they actually delivered news on an understandable and human level. I typed up a very long blog post reviewing my own thoughts on NewsFix. I had praised the concept, but protested its execution. One person even said that he/she didn’t like it because “it told you how to think” rather than take a news story and think for yourself about it.

      Some people likened this to TMZ on FOX, and for good reason. NewsFix isn’t news; this is a show pretending to deliver news. There are just very few redeeming qualities that make NewsFix any kind of long-term success. I used to think this was a good idea once I gave it a chance, but now dislike it. My past premonitions and fears of what NewsFix would offer came true.

      NewsFix = fail. Why even have a newscast on a station if you’re going to stoop to THESE levels with trying to maintain a semi-decent newscast?

    20. RachealLee | |

      I would like NewsFix if they were more neutral with their opinions and there weren’t constant reruns. I watch channel two in the morning and go online throughout the day for my news. I wouldn’t mind watching it at 5pm while I am cleaning or whatever but I want them to make what happened today interesting or at least not be so pushy with their opinions. I am not 100% for Obama nor am I 100% against him but I do think the Newsfix people are just as bad as those idiots at Fox News *cough*glenbeck*cough*

    21. TruXter | |

      I need to put like button next to some of these comments.

    22. ngarcia66 | |

      Love NewsFix and so do my two 20-something yr old kids! Watching NewsFix together prompts great discussion and debate. They hate the stale, same ol’ news formats on other channels with the “fake” smiles and overly excited (or monotone) news anchor people…which by the way, do promote their own opinions by suggesting like/dislike (mostly passing judgement) towards stories.

      Can do without the reruns, but have to admit that even with the reruns, I get more local/world news than from any of the other local news channels (especially Fox…and thank goodness I don’t get the weather every freakin 7mins). We watch BBC as well to make up for the lack of world news from the other local news channels and have been pleasantly suprised that NewsFix covers more world news than the other local channels. Seems like those that dislike this new format are probably pretty stale themselves; most certainly “boxed in” with no desire for a modern day take on news. And love the code scan as well…I learned something new that I wasn’t aware of. Hope NewsFix stays! (if not, BBC and John Stewart will do):)

    23. Wannetta | |

      You may be attempting to reach a target audience, but I am 54, soon to be 55, and I absolutely love your show, News Fix. I despise and don’t watch national or even local news with their hidden agendas and slanted views. At least you are being up front about what your thoughts are on matters. Love it, Love it, Love it!
      I absolutely cannot say more than that, but I will keep watching.

    24. TruXter | |

      Hmm.. I see.
      Easy to see who likes News fix are people who do not read.

      Honey… I’m not news fix.

    25. Arturis | |

      I really enjoy knowing that there’s a place for people to express their opinions on Newsfix. I am age 27 and I enjoy the fresh new format and that it tells you upfront what news stories it will showcase or what’s coming up next. I HATE when News Tease you about a news story and it doesn’t come up till 30 minutes later. Then I go to the restroom and miss that story !! Not the case with News Fix.
      I also do enjoy the direct opinions expressed because it lends itself to disagree instead of what all the other news shows are doing (same old thing). I have to admit, I do look forward to Grego’s opinions at the end of the show,even if I don’t agree at least I appreciate the different point of view.
      I absolutely Love Houston by Numbers !! Mostly because I know A LOT of H-town haters that live in Houston and disrespect H-town or don’t give enough credit. Well now I’ve got stats to throw in their faces, and best of all I can share them through social media sites!
      Downsides, I agree with many of you all, what’s up with the reruns? And yes the WB 39 NEWS teams needs to come back on weekends instead of airing News Fix Reruns.

      Btw: Does anyone know what happened to Jorge Vargas and the rest of the former News 39 team?

    26. Robyn T | |

      My first time watching this new ‘Newsfix’ and I don’t like it. I go online for this type of stuff. I won’t watch again

    27. Cinamon Hughes | |

      i had family from out of state watch this show and there jelouse of our newsfix. I tune into newsfix everyday at 5 p.m and i just love it thanx best ever.

    28. Jean | |

      the liberal slant is soo wearisome, simply not doing it for me, what a drag already…

    29. TruXter | |

      I wish I knew where they all went.
      Would be great if they all landed on the same station somewhere.
      Can’t find any of the old crew.

    30. Nealette | |

      I was just thinking about this… at first I thought.. Wow this is neat.. and then it got boring. Then I wondered if everybody was out to jobs. I’m like.. Computers are taking over the news too! That’s pretty much what it looks like. I spend lots of time on the computer already and I don’t want my news update to look like a computer screen on the television. I don’t know..

    31. Fighting Monkey | |

      Houston by numbers makes me feel weird. Like it just seems like B.S. that is telling me how fat I am, how worthless I am and how it would be better if I just went away.

      I swear if there ever was “brainwash” tv (trying to sound like the 1950s) ….. This tv series would be it.
      From the messages I hear when I watch it I get this :
      You suck, here are the numbers that say you suck.
      here’s a leader that we praise, so should you, even if he says it’s ok for me to dine on you
      if you don’t like us the tree hugging recycling hippy humping (oh wait let’s take a break to talk about guns) ok back to telling you how you suck and are getting fat, oh yeah you need to stay inside with the AC on full blast and not move for 17 hours straight every day, because there is an ozone leak…. and ozone leak caused by YOU, for running your A.C. all day.

    32. Nick | |

      I agree what a lot of people were saying about News Fix. The upside is that the format of the show innovative where you are able to see what’s the upcoming news story is going to be. Additionally Some of the features like Houston by the Numbers and polls are cool.

      The downside of it, like everybody else was saying, is that the show is too opinionated. I was watching an episode and they were talking about an endangered lizard east of Texas. They wanted us to forget about the lizards and support oil. I was thinking to myself “How could you be so one-sided on a controversial issue?”. Additionally it does look like a rip off of TMZ (minus a clear board).

      Overall, If they made this show less opinionated they have a golden show.

    33. eddie | |

      Newsfix sucks (removed descriptive suggestion)go back to the old format plus i want to see the nice looking lady.

    34. G | |

      Okay, the news is fine. It’s different. The guy at the end is gorgeous. I watch it just to get my fix!

    35. onmymind | |

      I thought that the Mia Gradney format thing was a bit much. Now, think that they just need to axe the whole news thing. Just give us entertainment. The Newsfix is an insult to anyone looking for news.

    36. uncle sheeky | |

      I like to watch news fix its not all that bad the guys that run that show doing their best to take the news and just break it down and lay it out in a much easier way for everybody to understand however and that is directed. To the news fix crew stop please stop shoving. your opinion down our throats you can tell us what’s happening but we can think for ourself and form. our own individual. opinion. and that is what make our country. great freedom. of speech.

    37. baby fat | |

      Wow I just realized that people don’t have a life ha ha arguing over a channel wow god bless america

    38. Justin | |

      You people talk so much about the liberal slant but I’ve heard slant both ways on this show and either time its too the extreme. People are griping about how they support Obama, I’ve heard them bash and make fun of him. And now they have that new morning thing where I’ve seen them make racists comments and jokes and stuff that just shouldn’t be on the news.

      And what happened to the pretty weather girl Jene Rockwood, I’m maded about the fact she’s gone.

    39. TruXter | |

      Jene Rockwood, wasn’t she just brought into the team?
      I mean almost all of the females are gone.
      Houston Sausage FiX lol.

      I think I added one of the new ladies from from 39 News to my facebook, and her profile still showed that she worked for 39, last I looked
      unless her account was created by 39 staff.

    40. TruXter | |

      Nevermind… Not on my friends list anymore.

    41. william | |

      i think if u reported real news , not all this fake stuff it would interest more viewers..there isn’t any news station reporting real news any more what happen to telling it like it really is ,our country is going to trash..

    42. thomas | |

      News fix is great.So much better than the other news channels

    43. amy | |

      Liberal-moderate mabe. But really, gun tips at the end is not liberal exactly-and Grego, ya were hip and cool. Now your just like all of us. “tired of those youngsters” and government tomfoolery!! I do appreciate the facts-and I now carry water for my favorite street people.. Really, I loved it-but the anvil sound is creeply inbedded in my head!

    44. Robledo | |

      Well first i have to start by saying this new format of news SUCKS! I like the old news cast, these new people on this news channel are so FAKE and try to hard. And what the heck is up with all these dorks on here! There isn’t even anyone explaining the weekly forecast, so what when we have a hurricane coming or something of that sort are you only going to show us a picture of it?… I watch news everyday and when I have no other choice I put this channel on but everytime I see it, it makes me mad at how dumb it is. Please and I mean PLEASE put the old format and cast back on, I hate this damm news channel now and I used to love it!!!

    45. Robledo | |

      Oh and also, they don’t even dress appropriate. What kind of stuff is that, they wear jeans and a regular t-shirt. Don’t they get paid enough to buy nice clothes??

    46. Sylvia | |

      I really like this news format. Now, I am more interested in watching news without the same old thing playing over and over and over…

    47. Barbara Barrientes | |

      I love Newsfix. Keep up the great work. This is the real news U R giving real people.

    48. John | |

      Hear this is another Obama pimp cast.

      Uhhh. No thanks. Change in November of 2012 that we can believe in.


    49. RICHARD FRANCO | |


    50. TruXter | |

      It’s on their website I just typed your sentence in Google and found it .
      39 when Channel 39 news.

      In that search, looks lie he has been to Chicago a bit.

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