Good Morning Traffic

    Good morning person on the road who thinks it’s going to help if you speed up and drive next to the guy trying to pass you. Good morning other guy in the same lane as the guy trying to pass the other guy that finds it best if he slows down making this morning game of race or die a greater challenge. Thank you guy who was being passed for slowing down just enough to stay exactly beside the guy trying to pass you who is being held back by the guy who was in his lane.
    Good morning group of 12 people who like to drive in a clump on a three lane road, while taking up all three lanes at 5 under the speed limit.
    Good morning group of people who had to wait at the redlight while I turned in front of you who now think it’s going to prove better timing if you pass me. No matter how fast I am currently going. Oh and by the way, thank you for slowing down when you finally passed me. Thank you. Thanks for slowing me down to a speed you are happy with while there was a whole planet of free space behind me for you to go as slow as you want to.

    Thank you SUV guy for showing me how awesome your compensation for short comings really are. You can take your foot off the brakes now please. Look if it’s too heavy to stop like a normal car, maybe you should think about getting a real car and ditch the decorated van?

    Hello short guy in the pick up truck who likes to ride bumpers. Nothing much to say to you but hello short guy in the pick up truck who likes to ride bumpers.

    Good morning to you fella who jumped over one lane to be the first guy at the red light in that lane, and then to not even be in a hurry, at all. Good morning my friend I can count on.

    Good morning to the guy who drives at 2 mph in the parking lot at the coffee shop and can’t find a single parking space good enough even though we are the only cars in the dang lot. Good morning.

    Oh hey lady at the Creme depot at the coffee shop, who has to stand in the middle of the thing and sway around as to defend the whole counter with your funny smelling cloths. Thank you … Weirdo. Good morning Coffee. <– whole story about coffee

    Good morning all of the cars I found in the parking lot of the coffee shop as I was leaving. Yes I parked all of the way in the back so as to not get dings in my door, I thank you for making me feel like one of the gang by parking all of your cars around mine, as close as you can. Oh and thank you for fixing my paint and steel by smashing your door against mine.

    Good morning bus driver who drives in the far left lane as if it is some god given right to drive that lane for 6 miles and not turn. Thank you for being there.

    Good morning dillhole who has the gray Chrysler whatever who decides to pull up next to me in the middle lane while I am stuck behind the school bus driving in the left lane for 6 miles. Oh and thank you for being so lost in what ever you are doing and paying so little attention to the road that you speed up when I speed up and slow down when I slow down.

    Good morning, person who likes to drive under the speed limit. and when the lanes merge, you get in the loosing lane and shoot all of the way to the front of all of the people who just passed you. You are so witty.

    Good morning planet, thank you for being yourself. I wouldn’t expect anything less.


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