I Moved Into My New House

    I had a house built . From the foundation up, I had the entire house built.
    Did some cleaning of the auto cad design of this house
    Had a few moments where I got nervouse and just wanted out of the agreement. This all started when the house was getting near completion. but I hung in there and got some of the issues that really were nothing I was just freaking out.

    First coffee in the new house

    Everything I have done since the house was complete, I have been calling ” the first time I did (add name or word here or action) In my house. I love this.
    Still have no intentions of having a house warming. I like my carpet and I really don’t want it trampled. The paint, well the paint is still new, I would freak out any and every time someone touches the walls here. Last thing I want is a bunch of people walking around making me twitch just so I can get a free toaster.
    So everything I will get for this house will be brand new and what ever I can think of that I may need.

    Enjoy your houses everyone. Make it a home.

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