Driving Rant

    There are a few things that I have to cover that make me just want to pull over and stare at the floor for ten minutes so I can keep faith in man.

    If you turn your blinker on, it does not mean you can turn or get over, it’s just a warning that you are intending to turn or change lanes. So don’t smack into me, don’t pull out in front of me.
    On that note, if I have my blinker on, don’t speed up and ride next to me. and if you have to turn and you and I are the only people on the road. Don’t  Speed up and get in front of me to turn in less than a block.
    Put your cell phone away.
    Guys quit chasing women down the road to get them to look at you. Once you scared her, it’s pretty much over for you.
    Why is it ok for a fast food place to have curbs around their entire drive thru, limiting you to have to wait in this slow fricken line? in some incidences, you know your food will be jacked up, so it is best that you just get out of line and try elsewhere.
    Why does the dude in front me only speed up enough to get half a car length ahead of the 18 wheeler in the next lane?
    Why do “thug wanna bes” stare while sitting at a red light? what does this mean? what do they think when I stare back at them and shove a finger in each nostril and stick my tongue out in a rotating motion?
    Why do people drive down a two lane blvd at 5 miles under the speed limit, yet run every stop along the way?
    Two lane street in the neighborhood, the other lane has cars parked on it, on coming traffic thinks they can fit through there every time. Take up your whole lane. It’s your right and safety to do so. If they hit you, you get a new car.
    Big huge extended cab 4×4 dually pick up trucks with not a scratch in the bed. means little fruit cake wanna be cowboy inside.
    swerving bobbing, with foot on the brake all the way down the road. QUIT TEXTING WHILE DRIVING YOU IDIOT
    Intercom speaker under your car, nice work dude, you sound like a ring tone now. Are you delivering ice-cream?

    When you see someone ahead of you … who is clearly going a couple miles an hour faster than you. and you see something obstructing his lane. like possibly an 18 wheeler just ahead, or crap in the road in his lane… what is it that makes you feel like speeding up and DRIVING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM?. Is it your goal to make him/her upset so they do something that will upset you so you have a justified reason to hate someone for “cutting you off” ?
    Same with someone turning on their blinker. Don’t do it.

    This driving rant is just to point on the drivers that never fail to be on the road. every single day at all hours just driving like the rules of the road apply around them, not for them. Every other car on the road should yield for them.

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