No PHD

    No Pride Left in the world.

    No Honor left in the world

    No Dignity left in the world.

    We have all become so fat and so soft hearted we turn the other cheek every time we get slapped in the face. We have lost the will to be.

    For centuries there has been a rise and fall of a large power of being or species. We, the humans are that power. We the humans are consuming ourselves and lost the honor to respect each other. We have no dignity in our own being, So little of dignity we don’t want to hurt the other guy’s feelings so we turn the other cheek when he slaps us, spits on us and calls us names. We want to think we are better than him, so we take a gunshot to the head, and in that last split instance of a second before the bullet scatters the brain we think “well that was unexpected”, as if we assumed he would have the honor to not do such a thing. he is just as human as you or I, just he is the killer not the killee. Someday he will be the one to receive the epiphany of failure.

    We have no pride, Honor, Dignity.

    We are selfish glutinous boisterous pigs. We complain about everyone being on welfare yet we outsource all of our labor and then call on our country to bail us out because we in this country, can’t afford the products that we claim we produce. Because WE do not have jobs. With less people working, we have less people paying taxes. What…. you think an import who has no records of being here is going to give money to the government? You are delusional.

    Mow your own dang lawn, and when your neighbor makes the joke of “do mine next’ tell him a fair price, less than the imported labor, just for the exercise. Build your own dang fence and when your neighbor says “hey fix mine next” Tell him you will. Call him out on the lame joke, and shoot him a fair price, lower than the imported labor. Don’t think you are better than anyone. You have nothing to be proud of yet, you have not done labor. EVERY MAN, should do his part in labor, every man should respect his money. That way every man respects what he pays his employees, never takes more than what he needs while his workers are starving below him or scared they will lose their job on a whim of outsourcing or importing labor. There should not be a certification requirement for lawn care. There should not be a certification requirement for being skilled in the arts of labor work. Because when you over complicate things, people look for an easier way, they certify one man, and have him over paid while he hires and out sourced import labor, for crummy pay. And no person who pays taxes in said country can compete with those wages because the taxes taken out will leave them with no food.

    We are consuming ourselves, We all want a job pushing buttons and think it’s okay to consider someone else a low life for doing the job we are to lazy to do. This is denial and foolishness. If you don’t want to do it, it’s because you are to lazy to do it.

    You are not a bad guy if you stand up for what you believe in. You are only a push over when you don’t stand up for yourself. Don’t you care?

    Paint your own house.

    Mow your own yard.

    Fix your own car.

    Mow your own damn lawn. Fix your own damn fence. Fix your own damn car. Paint your own damn house. Quit shoveling your money out to imported or outsourced labor.. There is no better feeling than coming home, dumping the saw dust out of your shoes on the front porch and leaving your shoes in the doorway to remind you that you have accomplished something that most men would take out a second mortgage to avoid attempting.
    Pride, Honor, Dignity never comes from being politically correct lazy and  fat.

    Respect yourself, or your respect toward others is useless.

    Yeah I have my PHD in getting the job done.

    General Labor Here.

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