Crushed Ice

    Just here to crush your spirit a bit.

    Tap Water With Ice
    Glass of Ice Water From The Sink

    This is for all of the bottled water slurping, fountain drink guzzling people who will drink anything other than tap water. and you all have a million and one reasons why you don’t drink tap water. Probably the most thorough cleaned water we have, and you drink anything but. Have you never been to a water bottling facility?
    Never mind that.
    Where do you get your ice from?
    From a magical gnome that goes up into the magic mountains and brings down frozen watery goods that were blessed by the angels?
    No you get your ice from a bag. That bag is filled with ice that was made by one of many methods. but. The water comes from the same place. local. Be it from a well or tap, it’s still local. The well would be cheaper than shipping it in, and far cheaper than tap from the city. Remember when you think of a well, think of septic tanks and leech lines. Every house on a well is hooked to a septic tank, not a sewage facility. Those septic tanks have hoses that bleed out all over the property, and dispenses the waste filling your septic tank, into many directions . Yep you guessed it, into your yard.
    Imagine how many people use the bathroom in a day, in a large company. How big is the company you get your ice from?
    See I used to work in a gas station , and we used to bag our own ice from an ice machine in the back. The water, the water was city water. The ice machine just had a filter installed to stop the tubing from clogging up with calcium. The city out here has a bad calcium issue in the water. Kills a coffee pot in weeks at a gas station. I would hate to see the damage that could happen with an ice machine from the calcium.
    We packed our 8 pound bags, to 10 pounds and we sold our ice at 80 cents while all of the other stores sold their ice at 99 cents for an 8 pound bag.
    We out sold everyone in the area. We just gave a better deal. What did it cost us? I would bag ice for about 2-3 hours a day between customers and stack up 200-300 bags. That’s about $100 profit an hour. because every day that ice would sell out completely until I would show up the next day. The customers would load up on the ice I bagged, get their big bottles of water and leave. Sometimes they would wait for me to finish a load of bags that I was filling so they could get a “fresh bag” (I have no idea what the heck that means.). I would hear the stuff they say about why they drank bottled water, while getting that ice and it would boggle me.
    There was nothing wrong with the water that couldn’t be wrong with water you get from a bottle. That bottle didn’t just appear from the sky filled with magical holy water. If it’s shipped from magical fairy land, or the north pole (lol), No wonder the ice cap is melting. For some reason we believe that water is better from somewhere else other than here. No matter where you are, there are other people there.
    I used to want to flick paper wads at the people standing in line complaining about gas prices. I think at that time, gas was $2 a gallon. While the little tiny 16 ounce bottle of water in their hand was $1.60. Dude… There’s a free alternative to bottled water. but there won’t be for long.
    Imagine how many plastic bottles get tossed in the dump every single year.
    Where is the dump? somewhere not near you. Right?
    You put ice in your drinks every day at the gas stations, at the macburger doodles, you put ice in every single drink you consume. You even use the ice trays in your fridge. And yes, your fountain drinks are a mixture of tap water, and syrup and co2. That’s it. The only filters on the water is to protect the machinery. They sure don’t ship in magic fairy land water for your fountain drink.
    Enjoy your bottle of water. Thanks for killing the future just so you can have some false sense of assurance.

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