Real Steel Review

    Real Steel Review
    The movie Real Steel is about a man who his a gambler, Real Steel is about a man who has given up many things in his life to try and progress. Many of the sacrifices the man (charlie) has made, has left him with very little, but a woman who truly loves him.
    Charlie finds will and ambition to control his impulses and listen to what he needs to do, by the voice of a child with a good head on his shoulders (max).
    The final scene of the movie is a championship boxing match in the Real Steel competition against the reigning champion.

    Have not seen a movie that moved me and surprised me like Real Steel, since I was a small child.

    Real steel for any single father, is a must see movie. Finally, a movie for single dads with a son.

    And now for Real Steel review Scoring.
    plot: 10/10
    Camera: 10/10
    Sound: 10/10
    Effects: 10/10
    Acting: 10/10

    Real Steel the movie scored a perfect 10/10 on TruXter.Org
    This is a completely non-professional review, and 100% just opinion of someone who has seen the movie and really enjoyed the whole show. See it with your son, and new wife/girlfriend.

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