Beavis and Butthead Return

    The long awaited Mike Judge creation of Beavis and Butthead, returns October 27th 2011.
    The original voice of Hank Hill will be used again as the crotchety neighbor down the street who wants Beavis and Butthead to get to work for him.

    The preview shows Beavis and Butthead making joke of Current television like Jersey Shore, and all of the vampire shows in prime time television.
    The New episode will air on MTV. Hopefully this will bring more viewers to MTV.
    If Beavis and Butthead do the same as they used to, but instead of making fun of music videos, they would make fun of television shows of today, would be great to see them make fun of these shock and awe cartoons such as Family Guy, Southpark and the Simpsons. and would love to see them make fun of the “got talent” reality tv shows.
    Beavis and Butthead, October 27th 2011.

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